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<( ' ' )> Thursday, April 1, 2010
ZY:Holy crap!MRT got fire sia.
ZY:Serious!My friend SMS me news report
Me:LKY would sue the fire to bankruptcy and exile before it can even reach the MRT

Happy April's Fools day.

Rant time.Ok.So this Monday i was at the gym just doing my stuff and keeping my lithe sexy body in shape.Then 3 VS boys (presumably VS cos of the crude behavior they were about to display) came in.They

1.Lifted with jerky stupid motions and slammed weights all over the place
2.Used profanities like crazy even though the context was completely inappropriate and no statement required the injection of profanity to express emotion.
3.Spoke damn bloody loudly
4.Compared who could lift heavier weights (totally stupid) which resulted in more of (1)
5.Carried themselves with this aura as though they're the most bad-ass bunch of niggas in the gym
6.Acted like they damn big shit.Oh wait,same as (5)
7.Polluted my air with their cocky aura

Seriously.What are you all trying to prove by throwing weights all over?No,you're not strong,you'll just get joint pains faster.Morons...

CherryDonut @ 11:01 PM
domo 11:01 PM

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