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<( ' ' )> Tuesday, January 27, 2009
It has been a Chinese new year devoid of sarcastic posts aimed at some particular group of people or another.And as for every session of skiving,there is a reason.The H game being developed by us will be tantamount to reading an entire year of posts.I am,as an artistic genius,in charge of illustrations.I assure all you imaginary readers that the drawings are absolutely excellent.I have churned out around 15 pictures,the equivalent of 3 posts.Now can you begin to see how epic this game is gonna be?

CherryDonut @ 10:04 PM
domo 10:04 PM

<( ' ' )> Sunday, January 25, 2009
It is over.9 days of slaving away promoting drinks and i have finally come to the end of my working experience.all I have to say is...It's not great.Perhaps my paycheck will change that.All i have to say about work is...nothing much really.I can't even think of anything to draw since interesting occurrences were non existent during that time.Or maybe i just forgot about them.

The one thing i would like to talk about would be my support for the campaign to ban the playing of CNY songs over and over,especially those with super high pitched little kiddy vocals.Those were the ones which truly drove me to the brink of insanity.Try blocking out some really shrill voice going "YO!!XING NIAN DAO LAR!!!!" followed by really cheena-ish shrieking.I think listening to metal would have made my ears bleed less.

Nothing else to say...This post really stinks...

CherryDonut @ 6:31 PM
domo 6:31 PM

<( ' ' )>
happy chin chin new year to all... chin chin people. Hope you non-existant readers get lot's of new year's allowance from your elder family members. TO DONATE ALL OF THEM TO COOLDUDERESOURCE MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHH! Ok whatever. Update time.

Coolduderesource is currently in the midst of creating a h game for you sexually deprived souls who do not know where or how to torrent "free" h games. So thanks in advance to me, since I predict i'll be doing most of the work anyway. yes you're very welcome. Hopefully we will get the demo of the game uploaded and ready to be dled as soon as possible. And for those of you who are wondering what the game is gonna be about, let me give you a brief overview.


Half Just Kidding.

Of course for this production we will, as usual, enlist the help of professionals throughout the course of creation in their respective fields. So you know what kind of awesome h game we'll be creating >.>

Anyway ideas are very welcome, just tag them on the tag board. For those who do not know what are h games, just give your ideas anyway. No yaoi please... A certain iron ore ranked cooldude affiliate will become over stimulated...

Ok that's it for now. You can be rest assured that you will NOT waste your hdd space on this h game. The most anticipated h game of 2009!! Rambo - The first light!!

BubblyJelly @ 4:38 PM
domo 4:38 PM

<( ' ' )> Friday, January 16, 2009
Alright,remember how a few posts ago i ridiculed students taking up jobs?Guess what?I managed to get myself landed in one just to experience working for meagre pay for a period of ten days so that i can present my ultracool findings to all you imaginary readers.Here are a few predictions of what my job is going to be like.Oh.I start work today btw.Come visit me at the NTUC at Jalan Tiga if you need to buy any F&N drinks for CNY.

1.I'll be stuck with 2 chain-smoking ah bengs with bodies that resemble swiss cheese.(Both because of the piercings and the smell)They'll both hang around and talk really loudly leaving me out of a conversation I do not have the capabilities to understand.And they'll make me do all the work.I haven't even met them and i hate them already...

2.I'll be all alone.Awesome...Then i can play scissors paper stone with myself all day.

3.I'll be stuck with a fellow geeky ugly socially inapt guy.Even more awesome.We can play scissors paper stone with each other all day.And stare at people walking by through our super thick glasses.

4.I'll meet up with a really pretty childhood female friend and then... *ramble ramble ramble H-game scene ramble ramble ramble*Not gonna happen.This is a MANLY job!And girls are icky poo and they're not invited into my secret clubhouse ultra mega super duper base.

CherryDonut @ 10:08 AM
domo 10:08 AM

<( ' ' )> Sunday, January 11, 2009
Just some stuff i downloaded by DJ-Satomi,uploaded for direct download from my favorite filehost.Not exceptional,but pretty decent tracks.Oh,and I've updated the playlist with music muffin describes as bullshit.Just enjoy.(Or not)

Castles in the sky

With you

And another one

DJ Steve-Nothing But a Dream

CherryDonut @ 10:54 PM
domo 10:54 PM

<( ' ' )>
Welcome to the first in a series of coolness at the gym.Yes!A real life one!No pokemon battles here!While you sit scratching your head at why cool dudes like us even need to hit the gym,I shall verse it simply to increase the ease of understanding.

Cool dudes like me,(WaFFLe),have undoubtedly perfect bods.Too perfect i must say.My beer belly is simply TOO SEXY FOR GIRLS TO RESIST!I have more fangirls than the number of amoeba in a 1000ml sample of amoeba concentrate solution.And i must admit,the fangirls are getting absolutely annoying!Imagine spending every waking hour with dazzlingly gorgeous girls!Simply too monotonous if you ask me.Which is why I need to hit the gym and lose some of my natural attractiveness by heaping pounds of unsightly muscle onto my excessively enticing frame.

The first tip I have to alll you gym goers out there is about the time you hit the gym.Late afternoons and weekends are a definate no-no.For some reason,these times are the unofficial dress-like-a-marvel-superhero hours.You will see people with builds like the incredible hulk,thor,or whatever superhero you can perceive with rippling huge muscles.It does not help that they laugh at your underdeveloped (but cool) muscles as you try to lift weights a tenth of what they do.

The solution?Simple.Just go on weekday mornings!When the old grannys and grandpas hit the gym.You can pump 2.5kg weights with aplomb as the grandpas and grannys huff and puff trying to lift the metal bar with no weights on it!Now THAT is true coolness.

CherryDonut @ 2:19 PM
domo 2:19 PM

<( ' ' )> Monday, January 5, 2009
Hello!! Peanut here!! This video here is a solo production made by me (thank you thank you). I know all you non-existent followers of coolduderesource like yuri as much as me, though I can't say the same for Waffle.. The song I used for this clip was exclusively selected from the our playlist at the side. Anyway, I hereby present to you, on the behalf of all that is peanutty, Nanoha x Fate - AMV. Thank you thank you.

By the way, this video was also the reason why I haven't been posting for so long. Videos are much harder to create than mere typed entries. As Waffle has personally discovered, and had long since given up on video editing... He's now trying to make some techno song, which I should think he's miserably failing...

BubblyJelly @ 1:38 PM
domo 1:38 PM

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