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<( ' ' )> Friday, March 26, 2010
You guys have any idea what's the number one thing people look out for when trying to expose cool dudes for the math nerds they are?

PLUS SIGNS. Yes that's right, the thing you use to add 1 and 1 together.


fuck yes brobee take my warm sticky plus signs like a good girl man that is so hot

Seriously guys why do you have plus signs spraying out of your cursor? That's just gay man.

Fungus @ 7:53 AM
domo 7:53 AM

<( ' ' )> Tuesday, March 23, 2010
Alright.here's a rant on a topic some might find rather sensitive.Foreign talent.

Just this Saturday,as I was heading home from a mentally taxing tuition session,I stepped into an MRT carriage as always,not having the financial or legal ability to drive a bulldozer home.Nothing seemed out of the ordinary.The handles were all in place,the seats were the same shiny green colour and PCK smiled at me reminding me to give up the seats at the corners for oldies.Upon closer observation, it dawned upon me that the nagging feeling in my gut that i was out-of-place was not unfounded.

There was noise in the carriage. Hell, there's always noise in an MRT carriage.But this time it was different. I didn't get a single word which was being uttered. IT WAS ALL IN CHINESE/SOME WEIRD NON-ENGLISH LANGUAGE. Nope,it wasn't the bitchy auntie raving on and on about how the new generation is a disgrace or the uncle expressing his hatred for our much loved public figure LKY. I looked around,saw a foreign couple making out in the middle of the carriage,a Chinese lady with heavy make-up carrying an LV bag (presumably fake.you wouldn't be taking the train if you could afford LV) and a bunch of Indian/Bangladeshi workers talking quietly among themselves.

Scanning the radius, I realised that i was the ONLY Singaporean within a 1m radius. With the exception of a guy wearing an army singlet with the beh kan NSF regular look.


We're becoming the minority in our own country overnight!Alright.Just to put things in perspective.I do not have anything against our foreign friends.being an educated individual,I understand how these dudes are an imperative for the financial progress of our nation.I also do not have anything against foreign workers.They are super nice people.I chatted with a Myanmar and PRC guy before while waiting for my bus to school.And lets not forget my tiong-ge buddies in school who are seriously damn funny and cool.

The only area I'm uncomfortable with is that home just doesn't feel like home anymore. As much as I found the Ah Lians shrieking in Chinese,the bengs affectionately cuddling their lian counterparts and the matts blasting music from their phones annoying,these were the things which defined the environment I grew up in.They all brought a sense of familiarity when i step into public.And though I might not completely understand the details of all the conversation going on around me due to my abysmal command of any language apart from English, there was an order and understanding in the familiarity of it all. And these familiar surroundings brought a sort of calm and comfort.

Now that it's all changed in the blink of an eye, and more changes are foreseen in the near future, well,i fear that this country might not feel like the one i spent my childhood in. Give them time,the gahmen says, they will integrate.But who Integrates who?That's the question.Them, or us?

I'm sorry beautiful nation, but in the years to come, you might not see me here anymore. When you become a stranger to the surroundings in the place you once called home, one would choose to seek out other places with a more home-ly feel. Well that's all for my rant. PAP watchdog, this is one area you might want to look into. I don't think I'm alone in my sentiments.

On a completely unrelated side note, I am now the president of VJC's girl watching club. Our president is on the way to a definite engagement, which instantly disqualifies his membership, leaving me in charge. Sigh... A blessing? Or a sign of how horrendous and pathetically disappointing my JC love life (which is non-existent to begin with) is?

CherryDonut @ 10:05 PM
domo 10:05 PM

<( ' ' )>

man i'm so edgy i scare myself sometimes.

Fungus @ 8:53 PM
domo 8:53 PM

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