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<( ' ' )> Sunday, November 30, 2008
well well, looks like I'm off to Great Britain on Monday eh? Actually I was supposed to deal with the anime fest post, but my underling had failed to promptly send me the photos, so the complete post will be done later i guess. For now you'll just have to make do with the commentary.

Sunday, 23rd of November

Anime Fest, Suntec Convention hall

Q: What do you do at Singapore's anime convention?
A: Nothing.


The real answer is...
A: Nothing.

Truthfully, I spent roughly 10 times the amount of the time OUTSIDE the convention hall, than inside of it. Anyway they give you this magic stamp which can only be seen under UV light, so we could come and go as we please.

To give your minuscule brain a little idea why I spent so little time there (30 mins, 10 mins playing Initial D included), I've come up with a schematic plan of the damned place.

Yes that's about it. The only thing which I can comfort myself is that I didn''t die of boredom, which is quite an achievement actually. And damn there weren't any Maria figurines there. And NO winx club!!!! Nor Yo Gabba Gabba. No yuri (sorry Waffle). No doujins (h of course). Nothing cool whatsoever. All that was on sale were useless figurines (gundam mostly, though there was a bible black figurine which was pretty hip but figured my mum wouldn't sit well with it). There were cosplayers, but they all suck. Wanna know why? They didn't patronise Dora the Explorer (dude her bangs are HOT). Yes yes that's the only reason. Oh yeah, their eyes weren't big enough. You'll see what i mean when I post the pictures (not of the cosplayers you dolt, the only thing they achieve is to spoil my underling's camera). The next time I post, though it's a little overdue, will be about the mysteries of big gigantic robots doing battle with.... with... other big gigantic robots, and why 4D cosplayers suck so bad (ironic really).

So I'm off to London for the week, to see those soldiers with big furry hats bigger than their swords (seriously, they should just ditch their guns and go to battle with that thing, great distraction too). And also to see the Eiffel tower. So till then, さようなら、とこんいちわ、光のロンドン~!じゃね~!

BubblyJelly @ 12:45 AM
domo 12:45 AM

<( ' ' )> Monday, November 17, 2008
I will leave tomorrow to chase my destiny,reach the next rung of the endless ladder to world domination,make my dreams reality,and enter into the vast boundless China,the nation of...Chinese?

Yes,I am on a hunt where skills and innate ability reign supreme.No you dolt,I'm not referring to playing the flirting game.That comes later.I'm still training.Welcome to the world of...Engrish Hunting!!!The never ending search for horrendously hilarious abuse of the English Language.Armed with my 10 megapixel camera and my slit-like typical cheena man eyes,I will hunt down signs across all of China,capturing the various misappropriations of English.All in the name of...Idiotic fun.

Hail my editing skills.They are divine.

On a relatively unrelated note,I would like to turn your attention to a different topic altogether.

-section censored for fear of government persecution-

And that is why i seriously cant stand some groups of people.I hereby declare the creation of a Yellow Supremacist group,the Ku Ke La Xi Klan.We(No actually I'm the only member) aim to rid the world of all elements non-yellow and achieve YELLOW SUPREMACY!!!!(duh?)
So join me on my quest all yellow people,together we will strive to herald in the dawn of a world where yellowness reigns supreme!For the sake of China!Chairman Mao!!And the continuity of the WaFFLe bloodline!!!

CherryDonut @ 7:49 AM
domo 7:49 AM

<( ' ' )> Sunday, November 16, 2008
Hey..This is waffle.As if you non-existent readers don't already know...When the O levels are over,the cats come out to play!Wait...that does not rhyme!Hold on a second,it does not even make sense to begin with...

To cut a long story short..
I played computer games
I got my butt kicked
I got pissed off and went all out
Still got my butt kicked
Gave up
Decided to tinker around with stuff
Achieved nothing that will bring about the obliteration of all human life on Earth
Bitch on blog

Today..I proudly present the first officially released pictures of my highly confidential project.The following is a prototype of the WaFFLeGUn,which is essentially just a home made flamethrower.Of course,it hasn't been tested out yet.(I may be reckless,but I'm not stupid)I would appreciate it if someone could swagger up to the nearest petrol station and buy me a litre of petrol for the further development of this socially beneficial project.(We can raze soccer fields with the gun,and everyone knows soccer contributes to 36.298% of the annual decay of our society)

Without further ado, I present...Dun dee dum duu dee dum.....

I hate my slow upload speed...

CherryDonut @ 3:25 PM
domo 3:25 PM

<( ' ' )> Friday, November 14, 2008
Hello peanut here!
If you had thought that we had to stop blogging about cool stuff to prepare for the "o" levels, well you are wrong. The US financial crisis, starting from the crash in stock market at Wall Street, had spread to Google, forcing them to shut down the operation of some useful blogs such as ours temporarily. With the DOW looking good, and Nasdaq on the rise, cool dudes we're back in business! Wait.... We already mentioned exams the last post... Oh well.

Anyway, frankly speaking, it's all the US government's fault. They could have done many things to have avoided that awful month of October. Like bomb Cambridge. However, no use crying over spilled milk. I here have proposed solutions that would turn the US economy around and place right back on track!

Solution 1: The Statue of Groby
Here's the plan. Sell the Statue of Liberty's head and replace it with a much more durable.... Yes, yes.... GROBY HEAD!

Ah the beauty of it all. Why do that? Firstly, the US can gain revenue from the selling of the head. That should help a bit. The Statue of Groby, also deters Jihadists from attacking the state. Those dumb suicidal maniacs will die from the sight of it before they even get to blow themselves up. Or at least they think they got the wrong target. Also there will be an increase in revenue from tourists! Cool dudes such as myself would want to get a glimpse of one of the 10 Wonders of the World. That's even more reason for celebration.

Also, groby's head is fluffy. When the Jihadists finally realised their mistake and overcome the sheer awesome of it, when they try to ram a plane into it, the plane will be absorbed into it's fluff.

The US government can then use these funds to decorate Wall Street to become Decorated Wall Street. Then more investors will be willing to buy stocks in the companies. Thus pulling the economy up, and making everybody very happy. Partly because of the decorations....

Ah so that's all for the solutions. Wait! There's only one solution! Well this solution is so bound to work out that there isn't any need to have any other solution. And cool dudes don't care much about speaking perfect engrish, and wouldn't pay attention to such seemingly minuscule details.

Ok that's it for now. Bye Bye!

By the way, please join our cs server. We need more noobs. Thank you.

BubblyJelly @ 9:04 AM
domo 9:04 AM

<( ' ' )>
Step 1.
Download these two files which make up the exe required to install counter strike
Yes,i personally uploaded these to a filehost that is fast and kicks rapidshare's faggotry butt.Took me 9 hours.Thanks will be appreciated.

Step 2
Download HJ split

Step 3
Run HJ split
Follow the numbered instructions.Please ensure that you have parts 1 and 2 located in the same directory.

Step 4
Wait....Feel free to corrupt your "sanctified" minds by reading our previous posts.

Step 5
Run the .exe installer formed by joining the 2 files.Should be really easy from here on.

Step 6
Nao that you have counter strike installed,lets connect to the server.
Hamachi client.Download this for playing among ourselves.You may wish to play on (laggy) online servers if you so wish by clicking on the internet servers option ingame.

Step 6
Run hamachi and click on the triangular thing on the bottom right hand corner.Select join existing network.Network name is "Penguin Pahwer" Password is "waffleishandsome".No there are no spelling errors.

Step 7
If you want to play please sms or pm me over msn me and i will hook you up to the server.

Play as you would at a LAN shop

Excuse any spelling errors or mistakes i made,I'm aurally indulging myself in trance,which inevitably results in my brain matter getting rather foggy...

CherryDonut @ 7:28 AM
domo 7:28 AM

<( ' ' )> Wednesday, November 12, 2008
Nah..I lied.Its not a prezzie.Just some self exaltation.Another one of Peanut's favorite activities

CherryDonut @ 3:11 PM
domo 3:11 PM

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