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<( ' ' )> Wednesday, July 16, 2008
Long time since a proper lesson with pictures has been posted.Oh well,lets delve into the world where school bags are the only way to get individuality in the ubiquitous sea of white.I shall analyse one bag at a time,going by popular bag models,before pushing my own undeniably cool reccomendation

Bag type 1:The Memory game bag.

Many of you should have already seen this type of bag,commonly carried by matts who love to advertise their perception of "cool" fashion by making a big show out of themselves talking in their native tongue.Loudly.Very loudly.Good for them,dead loyal to their mother tongue.

These bags boast a generous dash of flaps on all corners,all looking like dead animal skin.Oh wait,they are supposed to look like dead animal skin.Theyre leather after all,or mock leather,depending on the financial status of the matt.

The good thing about these bags is that they boost one's IQ.Matts have bucketloads of fun passing their bags around asking their friends to pack their books for them,and when the time comes,they try to recall from memory which flap to open to get to the desired book.Although most of the time they just panic after forgetting and start flapping things all over the place,making it look like a hapless creature is being skinned alive.


these bags are real good for playing memory games,although aesthetically,they look like what they are supposed to look like,dead animals skinned by a blind schitzopherenic patient.

Cool factor: 5/10

CherryDonut @ 5:42 PM
domo 5:42 PM

<( ' ' )> Tuesday, July 15, 2008
You CANT.Just give up,those bloody idiots at SEAB are trying to be really funny.Too bad,theyre failing miserable,beacuse i am a cool dude,and i keep my cool.Even if i know ill probably get E8 for my GCSE Chinese.

CherryDonut @ 5:54 PM
domo 5:54 PM

<( ' ' )> Thursday, July 10, 2008
hi peanut here. Hey we at coolduderesource are a conscientious lot, and we hav gone to great pains to device an experiment to, well, prove that the school rules aren't really being understood even by our school's student leaders. N perhaps prove the absurdness of it all.

During recess i was pondering over the problem of student leaders not really being leaders at all. So after finishing my burger, i had a great thought. Why not put it to the test? So after finishing my burger, i made a disgusting concoction of semi-melted ice and mushroom sauce. Well basically it looked like cold faeces. So armed with my physics workbook n accompanied with coolduderesource affiliates, i made my way boldly to the staircase where the prefects were positioned. I made sure that abit of the plastic was sticking out from the physics workbook which partially concealed my dangerous and disgusting concoction. I did not place it in my pocket as i did not want to appear that i had somehow excreted it. Looking on with great humour, they took no notice of the perpetrator and his loot. So i had to linger around them, short of taking out the bag and waving it in front of them. So the awaited moment arrived. He stopped me. 'What's that?' he asked. Hardly trying to conceal our amusement, i brought out the bag. From here i shall state the thoughts that he could hav been thinking.

1. Is that food? Catch him!
2. Hey it's a bag! Catch him!
3. Ew i hate dog faeces.
4. Lol i eat that stuff everyday! (kiddin)
5. Catch... Don catch... Catch... Don catch... Hey that's my homie!
6. So... Is mushroom sauce mixed with ice food or not?
7. ...... Shh i'm trying to think! Ah forget it... Waste my braincells...
8. I hav a duty to do! Worah worah worah!

Ok so with those possible thoughts, he finally asked me to throw it away. But after i refused to throw it away and offered to him, he gave up.

The complete conclusion that could be drawn from this experiment is highly subjective and i would like to keep it to myself untill i get enough substantial data. Just a note to the prefect, i understand that he was merely doing his duty and faced with such an unforseen situation, it is inevitable that he end up choosing a tough decision. But aren't leaders supposed to think ahead? That's the crux of this lesson. This post is not meant to insult any party, it's merely to point out one of the paradoxes that so many prefects are facing but not realising today. Oh and my identity may be compromised by posting this but who cares?

Peanut signing out. Next time we'll combat the flaw of examinations.

BubblyJelly @ 11:48 PM
domo 11:48 PM

<( ' ' )> Tuesday, July 8, 2008
peanut here. This post is gonna be short, but anyway i want u guys to understand that the main reason why we're not posting as much as often is bcos of the on-going mock exams, tests and admittedly, sheer laziness. Oh well we all aren't that free, n besides we're currently making a cool dude movie which will be posted soon after i get the final few scenes, editing and voice overs done. Of course a trailer would be released soon if i could only remember to film the scenes that i need... Oh well back to topic.

Why is taking the lift up 6/7 stories a crime in school, especially if we hav to carry 5 kg worth of textbooks and notes from ground to class? Well after cracking our brains, we've come up with the most satisfying answers that even prefects fear to give (well actually they don give a reason at all). So what r the answers?!!

List of ans:
1. Bcos the school says so.
2. Bcos i say so
3. Bcos lifts are electronic devices, and the school rules clearly state that there should not be any abuse of electronic devices.
4. Bcos i rather catch ppl taking lifts to class than catch ppl who smoke in toilets and take drugs.
5. Bcos i'm jealous.
6. Bcos i don visit coolduderesource.
7. Bcos my battleon account is lvl 7 only.
8. Bcos taking the lifts contribute to global warming and hence the annihilation of all life on earth.
9. Bcos i'm bored stiff n hav nothing else better to do.
10. Hmm...
11. That's it i guess.

So you dudes who takes the lift up to class satisfied of the reasons why u shouldn't? Of course! After all we at coolduderesource are totally supportive, and hav absolutely blind faith in the student leaders who up to date done absolutely ordinary things which even i can do with one eye closed.

Btw in our school the penalty for getting caught using the lift is 4 hrs of detention.... Imagine if you could do 5 mins of detention a day... Hehe...

Ok peanut signing off.

BubblyJelly @ 7:42 PM
domo 7:42 PM

<( ' ' )> Tuesday, July 1, 2008
You should all practice writing more!So says my English teacher.As such,I have decided to endow this site with my wise rantings for the enlightenment of the not-so-cooltelectually gifted.

Time for an analysis of a typical narrative composition.

It was a bright and sunny day,the sun shone high in the azure blue sky,its wide rays gleaming off the rippling surface of the oasis(although i have nfi what an oasis is doing in the middle of Tanjong Katong),casting a picturesque vision of a sea of gleaming gold into my eyes.

I got up,and decided to take a walk outside to enjoy the cool fresh morning air.(Again,I have no idea why so many composition protagonists in super cliche stories simply love going for walks when a contraption called the computer exists.)

At the traffic junction,(Ugh...I can already see where the story is going)I saw a small boy rushing across the road.And to my absolute surprise(The traffic light was red),the traffic light was red!(See?Toldja so)

We all know where things go from here,you chivarously dive into harm's way and rescue that little wriggling,sticky whinny blob of a child and get universal praise.Oh.clap clap clap.The honour.Time for a little Waffle styled remix...

Immediately,I got into my souped up Monster Truck,started the 70000bhp engine,and roared out of my driveway as the little tyke continued to preambulate moronically on the road.To my absolute horror,that little slimeball proved a harder target than i expected!I floored the pedal.

My car surged forward like a car surging forward,its engine roaring like a primal beast.The little boy came closer and closer.THEN I!!!!!!!Got out of the car,stopped pretending my bicycle was a 70000bhp monster truck and said,the pedophilish glint in my eye too apparent to hide.

"Boy,I got sweet.You want?Come follow me."I grinned as the little sucker took the bait.I could already picture the things i would do to him.I would....

(New Page)

Force him to stuff ten jars of peanut butter down his masticatory orfice everyday for the next twenty years or so...

Excellent,no?Such unpredictablilty,such ingenuity.Incredible

Verdict: 30/30

CherryDonut @ 4:22 PM
domo 4:22 PM

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