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<( ' ' )> Wednesday, January 13, 2010
Chapter 2: "School must be the harvester of sorrow"

It was the day of the open house, 3 days after the start of the first term this year. The school bustled with students trying to get their booths set up as well as prepare for the dance. Our protagonist watched from afar the steady stream of secondary school students entering the college. He chuckled to himself, imagining them as cattle being led to the slaughter house. First impressions are important, and this explains the hype. Lost in his thoughts, he felt a tap on his shoulder suddenly. It was his company for the better half of the day. He nodded and proceeded to follow her away from the crowd, the noise, and the heat. He paused slightly to look at the sky: The sun was high without a cloud in the sky. He shook his head and said to himself that it was going to be a long day ahead.

Earlier in the morning, he had chatted idly with her, and time flew past till they had to part for a while to perform their respective house dance. After the previous house had performed its dance it was time for his house. Grumbling slightly, he headed towards the center of the assembly plaza, and made sure that he was surrounded by people. He couldn't remember how half the dance went and predicted with certainty that he'd screw up. The dance started and he found himself swinging his arms wildly to imitate the moves the others were doing, which resulted in a horribly off-timed, and clumsily slow, movements haphazardly put together. Dancing never was his forte. Soon it was all over, and the crowd cheered. Yeah, such great lengths to convince the visitors the college is a bustling, vibrant, fun-filled education institution sure is commendable. Chances are they are failing pretty horribly was what he thought as he headed back towards the shade.

He received a call from Cool Dude Affiliate, asking which direction to take the bus to his college. After mistakingly asking him to head to the interchange to take it he had asked him to turn back the way he came from and turn left. To no one's surprise he screwed up the directions, and ended up in some remote area far away from his intended destination. It would take him another 2 hours and 5 phone calls before he was able to reach the college. Meanwhile our protagonist was busy making life hard for everybody he met by disturbing them with his useless dialog. He was no where to be seen at his designated booth.

The long day continues...

BubblyJelly @ 10:17 PM
domo 10:17 PM

<( ' ' )> Saturday, January 9, 2010
Chapter 1 - "The world is square!" says the goldfish

He looks at the new timetable in disbelieve: More lectures, and a daily dismissal time of 5.05 pm. In addition to that he still has to accomodate his tuition, as well as his H3 course. He lets out a sigh, a sigh which he had made countless of times in the past year. He knows that it's going to be a long year ahead. "Where oh where am I going to find time to do my leisurely activities! (SuddenAttack)" he cries, but beneath that complaint lies an even more intricate problem that he's been tackling throughout the last year; returning to school only gives him that stark reminder. We will leave the elaboration for another time. School starts next monday, just 2 days away. We can only hope his life from that day onwards passes smoothly, though that hope seems bleak: He hasn't finished 1/8th of his holiday assignments yet.

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