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<( ' ' )> Saturday, March 28, 2009
Cool dudes Waffle,Kaya and Muffin decided to try parkouring.You know that jumping over walls,flying across buildings and jumping down stairways trying to be spiderman?Yeah that.Here are some drills we did.
Rolling after jumping down from random staircases at the playground

Handstands(or something which resembled handstands)
Super duper fast sound-barrier breaking sprinting

And what we looked like to other people.3 little piggies rolling around in the mud.YAY!

CherryDonut @ 9:45 PM
domo 9:45 PM

<( ' ' )> Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Real cool shit man

CherryDonut @ 8:28 PM
domo 8:28 PM

<( ' ' )> Friday, March 20, 2009
Do you know about the mice experiment? The one where one passes a voltage over the cheese and if the mice touches it it'll get shocked. Each time the mice touches it, it quickly withdraws, but after all it soon forgets why it isn't eating the cheese and tries again. Apparently, the mice is about as smart as me.

After giving bright sunshiny reviews of the cinema such as"DUDE WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT ABOUT!" and "THAT TOTALLY FRIGGIN WASTED MY MONEY!", it is rather strange that I had actually agreed on a class outing to Matt Land and participitate in everybody's favourite pass-the-time in a friendly warm and happy get-together-esque setting at the cinema, and once again, the film has been nothing short of spectacular, from the bottom. And I'm totally confident in saying that it has NOT been a total waste of my time, money and face without the slightest hint of sarcasm... In addition to that I sought no comfort whatsoever among my classmates because I'm too manly and decided to whine about it on the blog instead...

Let me start with the name of the movie. Push.

If you were thinking ".... What? That's not even a name!! What's the meaning of this? I'm paying 7 freaking 50 for a show which has a crappy name such as that? That's not hardcore!!" Most likely you can imagine what torture I had to go through... At this point you must be also thinking...

If you think the movie is about 100 mins of pushing somebody with hardstyle techno as the bg, sadly it isn't that cool. Ok spoiler time since I know you non-existant readers won't watch it anyway...
Stupid psychokinesis dude meets stupid psychic girl. Another stupid psychic women joins the gang. Stupid psychic china gang wants to get some suitcase. The merry gang of 3 also wants to get the suitcase. The psychic division also wants to get the suitcase. They make a big hoo ha about some bullshit. Merry gang of 3 wins. The end.
If that didnt sound stupid enough, I really don't know what is...
BUT if the story went something like....
Stupid psychokinesis dude meets super hardcore manly Alma, then Alma obliges to help psychokinesis dude in finding the suitcase! However!! Super hardcore manly Alma actually sought world domination! After helping stupid psychokinesis dude, she releases the UltraManly M virus in the suitcase and turn the whole world population into MANLY! Then darkness decends upon Earth and a certain unnamed country will reign supreme....
Wow now that's a movie I'd definately watch.
Sadly Hollywood is H for whore and they only cater to pussy people who can't handle manliness.
Conclusion? Cinema sucks. Big time.
Solution? Spend the munney on booze instead (BUT NOT VODKA!!)

BubblyJelly @ 4:44 PM
domo 4:44 PM

<( ' ' )>
What cool dude WaFFLe did yesterday.We should all follow his kick-ass example.

Drank approx 150ml of 80 proof vodka neat.With coke light to wash it down.Totally tasted like hand sanitizer...

No big deal right?

Yeah.The great WaFFLe then proceeded to ice skate in his inebriated floaty happy sunshiney zoo wee mama state. The results were needless to say,awesome.

What he did do:
-Growled at everybody passing by
-Cut into a bunch of people taking a photo
-Raised his middle finger to some zhabo who objected his divine intervention in her photo
-Shouted FUCK YOU TOO to that zhabo
-Laughed uncontrollably(Duh?)
-Shouted HIIIEEE!!! to lime green but she totally did not turn around and fungus did not pay him 2 dollars
-Wiped out till his jeans were totally DRENCHED with melted ice.Aka.Water.Phrased as melted ice for those whose primitive brains fail to see the link between ice skateing and getting your pants wet.

What he did not do (although it would have been excellent if he did the following)
-Approach a little girl he found SUPER CUTE!!!Totally felt like hugging her...

Few regrets.Maximum fun.Lets follow the example of our great leader.Man...I love writing in third person mode...

CherryDonut @ 9:48 AM
domo 9:48 AM

<( ' ' )> Saturday, March 14, 2009
Too tempting for me to simply assure myself that my manlynes is totally EXTREME HARDCORE!!!YEAHHH!!!!

Screw the results.Stupid test.It fails.My brain is supposedly 33% female!WHAT BULLCRAP IS THAT!?!?!ITS NOT HARDCORE!!!Where did the 33% even come from you morons!!!Well,if the questions went something like this the results would probably be different.

1.Looking EXTREME HARDCORE is important to you

2.You are better at
-just being a pussy

3.Do you tend to remember who you last EXTREME HARDCORE MANLY?

4.If you have a problem, you tend to
-Sit there like a pussy

5.In an argument or heated discussion, you find it most important to
-Sit there like a pussy trying to resolve the issue

6.Would you ever try an exciting new drug if it were illegal?

7.If someone you know is acting strange
-Sit like a pussy and ask him/her what's wrong.

8.You tend to notice when someone has poor HARDCORE MANLY SKILLS

9.If a friend who's gained weight asks you if she's gotten fat, you
-Give a pussy emotionally safe reply

10.When talking with your friends, you're more likely to discuss
-Other pussy stuff.

This quiz is boring...And i think we all can see what direction I'm going in...

CherryDonut @ 8:54 AM
domo 8:54 AM

<( ' ' )> Wednesday, March 4, 2009
As we all know, student council members play an integral role in bonding the students together, and also to keep JC life as interesting as possible, so that cool dudes like me and Waffle don't need to suffer so much. That's why we at coolduderesource found it as a duty of utmost importance and value to bring you who we think is the most suitable for the job. As his managing committee, we have been tasked to promote his good name, and have full faith that he'll make JC life for everyone, an enjoyable one.

BubblyJelly @ 11:25 PM
domo 11:25 PM

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