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<( ' ' )> Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cool thought-inducing images to ponder over.

CherryDonut @ 11:16 PM
domo 11:16 PM

<( ' ' )> Thursday, May 28, 2009

So what's a cool dude without soccer? It's like a guy with a brain. Anyway on 25th of May, the soccer finals tournament was held at Jalan Besar, MJC vs VJC. And if it weren't for the fact that we were forced to go down to support the soccer-ing idiots... I would have been at home sleeping. Which i still feel is a more conducive use of time than watching 22 people kicking a ball around an absurdly large field...

Anyway as retarded as the whole affair seemed, the time spent there wasn't all to waste... Even among a totally uncool environment, i'm proud to say that i still managed to achieve some cool things....

1) Simultaneously burst 3 of those sausage shaped rubber thingies which were used as noise pollution weapons.

Not to mention that the act of doing so resulted in even more noise pollution...

2) Headbanged to heavy metal while the school anthem was being played

3) Being a total asshole and going over to the other side to look for my friends

4) Told my cousin's friend that I was her fiance.

5) Stepped on a dead rat while on the way to the MRT station.

6) Giving random girls random names.

Yes yes cool as it may seem there could have been some improvements that i'd like to point out that'd make the boring soccer match more awesome...

1) Use a soccer ball cannon capable of destroying the whole stadium

2) Burn the field, or at least melt it

3) Simultaneously burst 4 of those crappy sausage shaped noise creating devices

4) Bring earplugs or gags to shut the student councillors up

5) Burn the rat which i stepped on

6) Parkour down the sidestands of the stadium

So soccer has the potential to be fun and exciting!! If you replace the soccer players with clowns and give them bananas to kick around and not to forget the soccer cannons....

To end it off i'd like to give special commendation to Singapore's efforts in curbing underage smoking by a little something i drew...

Signing off,

BubblyJelly @ 10:08 PM
domo 10:08 PM

<( ' ' )> Saturday, May 23, 2009
Waffle here.Today I shall document a few cool events that happened during a cool dude get together.When cool dudes get together,cool events happen.

Incident 1:The ear piercing experience

Shawn:Peer pressure peer pressure peer pressure

Me:Yeah ok.

Shawn:Not pain one.Not pain one.


2 girls behind us:Giggle...

*I sit down*

Piercing guy: 1-2...1-2...1-2..*click*

It felt NOTHING like a needle!More like getting shot in the ear by one of those air rifle shit guns.

2 girls:HAHAHAHAHAA (Seriously snide laughter)

Ok.As if that wasn't bad enough.here's wad happened next.

Girl 1:Chingchongchangcheeng
Girl 2:Chop suey

Yeah.They're speaking in Chinese.Girl one is kinda like trying to get girl 2 to pierce her ear somewhere or another.I don't take chinese ear anatomy so I have no idea what part they were talking about.

Girl 2 sits down

Me:Heh!Mutual entertainment.

Me and shawn stand there and stare.


The click sounded so loud in the silence...

Shawn plus girl 1 : HAHAHAHAAA!!!
Me: Whatever man! I have low pain tolerance ok!?!?

*Walks out of shop, ear burning*(not from embarrassment,from after effect of piercing)

Incident 2:Aku Pergi Tandas

Joel:Hey,could my friends get visitor's passes?

MJC Guard:I'll need your ICs

*Shawn and I fumble for our ICs*

MJC Guard:Purpose of visit?


MJC Guard: .....

And I shall end off by a cool dude joke by peanut!

What's a canal without the sea?



CherryDonut @ 11:10 AM
domo 11:10 AM

<( ' ' )> Sunday, May 10, 2009
It's 3pm on a Sunday afternoon that I decided to get my lazy ass on the com to.... BLOG!! Yes yes I know... I'm so commited... Anyway I have compiled one of the coolest and hippiest jokes into one post. Lo behold!

Two peanuts were walking on the street, one was assaulted.


"Do you know if there's a warehouse at aljunied?"
"Can ar?!"


Why did the chicken cross the road? Cos it was the wrong road.


What do you call a pond? Pond
What do you call a bigger pond? PONDER


How did the old man win the olympics 100 m sprint? He used a hurricane


True or false? TRUFFLES!


What looks like a grape and weighs a tonne? A one tonne grape


Out of breath? GET SOME HEIGHT


One day a fly landed on a man. The man died. Why?
Cos it was a HOUSEFLY!


Mr Cabbage felt very hot one day. So he started taking of his clothes. Off came the sweater, then the shirt, then the pants, then.... HE DISAPPEARED!


That should be enough to impress all of your imaginary cool friends...

BubblyJelly @ 3:27 PM
domo 3:27 PM

<( ' ' )> Thursday, May 7, 2009
A masterpiece of epic proportions.The perfect communion between love and sheer literary prowess.A harmonic waltz of the elements of the English language as they contort themselves to express my emotion.I shall now unveil the greatest love letter of all time.A masterpiece by the great Waffle to his current target.Who has not even read the letter due to his 爱情 making her fall ill.He shall completely eliminate the chances that the effects were so disastrous his informer refused to tell him of any results out of fear that his delicate sensitive emotions will be hurt.

UPDATE:My letter was described as being a "disgusting love letter".Sigh...Some people truly have no taste...Seriously,don't girls get bored of conventional mushy love letters?Those things make me want to eat myself so that i don't have to endure the agony of the words going through my brain and causing an epic mindscrew

CherryDonut @ 8:50 PM
domo 8:50 PM

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