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<( ' ' )> Thursday, November 26, 2009
Good evening my dear readers,I leave for Indonesia tomorrow,so before i leave,I shall leave one post for your viewing pleasure.

Sleepless nights.We all hate them.Tossing and turning about wondering if onyx would last two minutes against the ninja turtles and how it would eventually cause the pivotal shift in world politics.Whether the pudding you had for dessert was free from bacteria,or whether the pretty girl staring at the bus stop just now actually mistook you for a giant wad of chewing gum.Mysteries in life no doubt,but even these must be cast aside so that we can get those few hours of precious rest.

So what do people turn to for insomnia related problems?




I shall reveal THE solution to insomnia which will blow us all away and put all drug making companies out of business.


My obsession with this film began around 2 months back.Now that things are different and my school actually has beings of the opposite gender,I pick up new forms of news.They began with "OMGOMGOMGOMGOM JODI PICOUT MY SISTERS KEEPER MOVIE!!!",escalated to "ITS TOMORROW!!!" and finally a large wave of "So nice,so touching.Really very good movie.I cried so much" ensued.My curiosity was piqued.What was it which was so intriguing,so riveting which could affect the opposite sex so greatly?Perhaps if I were to find out,I would finally understand the workings of the female psyche,aiding me in my never ending quest to capture that oh-so-elusive girlfriend.

And so I did.

No,not capture a girlfriend.Watch the movie,and i must say,I am impressed.Nothing has been able to lower my heart rate to such levels before.Touching?No.Beautiful?No.But the dog was pretty cute.Awesome storyline?Naw.Got predictable after the first twist.And I didn't read the book.After the first hour,I left the video running and played computer games while listening to the movie audio track.


THAT is how awesome this movie is.The interesting thing is that after that one hour,the entire plot perked up.The girl started turning into a zombie,only to have her sister confront her with a fire extinguisher.After the sister assaulted her with the fire extinguisher fuzz,A drastic turn of events happened!Aliens invaded and resurrected the sister's sister before blowing up the entire world,killing the sister,her sister and their entire family!And..And..And...

Alright,I was kidding.But i really did get the entire story just listening to the audio.The actors should have channeled their efforts into something which would be more visually appealing,such as....say...A zombie movie!Zombie movies never fail.

Nevertheless,anyone without the XX pair of chromosomes can kiss goodbye to sleepless nights.This movie,packs an absolute knockout.It will put you to sleep.Guaranteed.

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domo 10:45 PM

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