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<( ' ' )> Tuesday, November 17, 2009
Alright.As you all might have noticed,this is the first post in a really long time.And since i need time to get back into the swing of things,if at all,this post shall not have any pictures unless i feel like adding them in some time later on.

You might have watched the overly mediocre movie 2012.The plot was predictable and c'mon lets face it.After watching transformers,nothing can even come close on the visual candy scale.Apart from my current eye candy,eClair,of course.What's worse is that after watching this movie,you have loads of people believing that the world is gonna end in 2012.Why?Just because the bloody mayans said it.

HELLO!If the mayans were so great,why didn't they predict the invaders coming across the sea and bringing them pain and misery?!That's because they aren't great!They just didn't know how to count past 2012,or they ran out of space to write on the great calendar wall or whatever they write their calendar on.So if I were to go ahead and make some multi-million dollar movie with lots of explosions,throw in a few obscure references to ancient people playing around with their sticks,stones and leaves,and say that I am THE MAN for pretty girls to date,I would have loads of girlfriends?Well,that SHOULD be the case theoretically speaking right?!

"Heheheh WaFFLe,you probably can't afford to do that you loser!"Oh yeah?How about after I'm really really rich after clawing my way up the corporate ladder and stabbing loads of ambitious naive young people in the back?Maybe then I'll make the movie.

"Huhuhuh.WaFFLe,you're so silly.With millions of dollars you could have all the pretty young girlfriends you want!"Duh?I just wanted to prove my point that people are dumb enough to believe everything they see in a movie.

Nevertheless,I am a Singaporean.And Singaporeans always have a back-up plan on hand JUST IN CASE the world DOES end in 2012.

We(The CDR crew and affiliates) will have this huge underground bunker with watchtowers for us to snipe and lob explosives at the zombies. "HUH?WHAT ZOMBIES?" well,you don't really expect the world to end without zombies do you?Zombies are the essence of End of Worlds.

The bunker will be totally natural disaster proof and will be able to swim,cross land and fly to outer space at speeds not conceivable to the mainstream imagination of mainstream people.Notice that I used the singular form of imaginations even though people is plural and many people are expected to have many imaginations?well,that's because mainstreamers,yes you guessed it!They have only one mind.The mainstream mind.

Well,even though the bunker will ensure our survival,we won't be needing it.We will stockpile loads of psychedelic inducing chemical substances to give us the highest high chemicals can offer when shit starts going down.Then Peanut can use the safety of the bunker to lure loads of little girls into the bunker for his nefarious deeds while Kaya runs onto the street having fun with corpses.Me?I'll probably take twice the dosage everyone did and be in a corner of the bunker giggling away and drooling onto the floor.

Well that way I'll survive the apocalypse?HELL NO!Because being CDR,some bloody idiot is bound to forget to close the door.

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