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<( ' ' )> Tuesday, July 21, 2009
Alright,today has got to be the best day of school this entire year.Perhaps because I didn't go to school.That's cos i hurt my ear after i fucking punched an alien in the face with my humongous pecs and the resulting sonicwave hit me at point blank range.

Today,I'd like to share what happens when an idiot meets with a genius who defines JC life as "fun".The idiot is undoubtedly,me,while the genius is professor wilnard Tan.Here's how our conversation went.

Me:Wah.Lan Jiau.Bloody hot man...Global warming sucks.Oh yar,professor,here are some of my solutions for global warming.Please comment on them.

Professor Tan:ok

Me:Blow lots of air into a giant float and send Singapore on the float to the north pole.

Professor Tan:*Stone*


Professor Tan:But then got those continents in the way then how?And isn't Singapore attached to the seabed?

Me:No lar.Where got.Singapore can float one.And those continents hor,u got hear of rambo?He can like walau ~Rambo Rant~

Professor Tan:orh...

Me:Then then then,solution 2,we make a giant dome and air con the whole Singapore.

Professor Tan:But that creates more carbon emissions and doesn't exactly solve the problem at hand.

Me:But then more cooling what.

Professor Tan: ....

Me:Solution 3,we all make a lot a lot of ice cubes than throw on the road so will be more cooling.

Professor Tan:But that doesn't really solve the problem at...(realises he's talking to a moron)...The ice will melt wad.

Me:yar hor,then we all will drown.YOU DAMN SMART SIA PROFESSOR!

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