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<( ' ' )> Sunday, June 14, 2009
We all know cool dudes are never punctual; they are almost always fashionably late. Therefore, it's imperative to give fashionable excuses whenever they are late. And cool dudes as we know it are the pinnacles of fashion, and everything fashionable. Therefore at CDR, as extremely cool dudes we have come up with extremely cool dude excuses for whatever the (late) occassion.

Late because of public transport:

1. Mister T had a stomach ache and had to go to the toilet.

2. I was taking the bus when suddenly the fire alarm sounded! Apparently there was a fire drill...

3. The bus i was travelling on started capsizing and we had to abandon ship...

Late because you woke up late/stuff u do before u leave the house:

1. I turned the heat too low, therefore i "wok" up late. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

2. I didn't have enough Thousand Island sauce, so i had trouble dressing.

3. I confused brush with bush....

4. I had breakslow this morning instead.

Late because u messed up the timings:

1. When you told me meet at 1500, i checked my clock but couldn't find 15.

2. When you said we were meeting at sunday, on that day itself i initially planned to go but it was raining so i had to wait for it to become sunny....

3. The clock ran backwards and i wasn't aware of it.

Ok i think that should cover most of the excuses that cool dudes should need! Oh wait there's still the...

I was walking on the road when i suddenly bumped into someone. He fell down and started bleeding profusely! I helped him to the hospital but at i realised that he wasn't bleeding, it was ketchup sauce...

Ok that's all!!

Signing off,

BubblyJelly @ 10:58 PM
domo 10:58 PM

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