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<( ' ' )> Sunday, June 28, 2009
After reading this blog,I have found it amazingly immature, childish, offensive,insensitive and degrading to many groups of people.As such,I will now post an example of how future blog posts will be like.No more will there be female-bashing or vulgarity-laden rants.Blog posts will be what blog posts are supposed to be like,details about my personal life and a small window into my delicate state of emotions.Let me begin by diving into every single minuscule detail of my life today.No detail,however infinitesimal,shall be spared.Above all,I shall keep the tone cheery and happy so that we can all feel great reading my happy blog posts! =)

Today was an excellent bubbly cheery morning with the sun shining high in the azure blue sky!The chirpy birds were happy as usual.I got up to say hello to my wonderful family members and settle down to a great meal with them,laughing happily as we discussed stories in our lives.Once breakfast was over,I took a bath and did my beautiful hair and put on my make-up in front of my mirror before leaving to spend time with my buddilicous friends who provide me with lots of emotional support and have always been there for me.They are super refined and do not use any coarse language.

We spent our time at the department store contributing to the country's economy by doing our nails and buying cosmetic products.As usual,the conversation with my friendulous pals were great!We told each other how much we appreciated each other's company and how much we love being together.We even took a few photos together.Not really cam-whore lar.=P

Then we went to watch a movie!It was so touching!The protagonist kissed the girl of his dreams in a meadow full of flowers as the sunlight gleamed across their faces and as their lips interlock in beautiful embrace....

Fuck it

I can't go on.2 emoticons,one depiction of a romantic scene and an overdose of happiness.The torture I put myself through just so that all of you non-existent readers know how to create a gay blog post.The essential ingredients are

1.Happyness and love.LOTS of it
2.Pure innocent content.(Or at least fake it)
3.Poser smiling pictures of you and your "friends"
4.Details about your life nobody cares about
5.Gay-ass emoticons to display your inability to convey emotions and undertones with words and simple punctuation

And there you have it!A gay-ass blog post of your own!

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