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<( ' ' )> Saturday, May 23, 2009
Waffle here.Today I shall document a few cool events that happened during a cool dude get together.When cool dudes get together,cool events happen.

Incident 1:The ear piercing experience

Shawn:Peer pressure peer pressure peer pressure

Me:Yeah ok.

Shawn:Not pain one.Not pain one.


2 girls behind us:Giggle...

*I sit down*

Piercing guy: 1-2...1-2...1-2..*click*

It felt NOTHING like a needle!More like getting shot in the ear by one of those air rifle shit guns.

2 girls:HAHAHAHAHAA (Seriously snide laughter)

Ok.As if that wasn't bad enough.here's wad happened next.

Girl 1:Chingchongchangcheeng
Girl 2:Chop suey

Yeah.They're speaking in Chinese.Girl one is kinda like trying to get girl 2 to pierce her ear somewhere or another.I don't take chinese ear anatomy so I have no idea what part they were talking about.

Girl 2 sits down

Me:Heh!Mutual entertainment.

Me and shawn stand there and stare.


The click sounded so loud in the silence...

Shawn plus girl 1 : HAHAHAHAAA!!!
Me: Whatever man! I have low pain tolerance ok!?!?

*Walks out of shop, ear burning*(not from embarrassment,from after effect of piercing)

Incident 2:Aku Pergi Tandas

Joel:Hey,could my friends get visitor's passes?

MJC Guard:I'll need your ICs

*Shawn and I fumble for our ICs*

MJC Guard:Purpose of visit?


MJC Guard: .....

And I shall end off by a cool dude joke by peanut!

What's a canal without the sea?



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