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<( ' ' )> Wednesday, April 15, 2009
This better half of the post is dedicated to Kaya's deceased girlfriend(s), Ayumu 1 and Ayumu 2. I have too many waves of emotions to be put into words and I don't know where to start... Actually I don't have anything useful to say at all. Apart from HARDCORE MANLY ULTIMATE YEAHH!!!!! Ok moving on...

Oh yeah! My new mission for JC has been totally prioritized to being a super shinji ikari h game protagonist! My original plan for being a h game protagonist ended up in failure... So was my other plan to get a girlfriend without getting one. Oh yeah that'd be so hardcore. I'd like to pause here to explain my genius. Getting a girlfriend in JC is pretty useless, thanks to our wonderful education system we have going on in Singapore. Instead of making time to spend time with your gf or whatever, u can actually save time and still reap the benefits of getting a gf in jc! Cos it's unlikely u'd be doing anything much but talking about mushy mushy stuff stuff to your gf in class, after school, and over msn, of which i rather spend my time playing h games and surfing doujins than do any of those nonsense. So i came up with this brilliant plan. Make people believe that I have a gf! But in reality i do not. Man that'd be sooooo sweet... Get all those thumbs up from the matts and frequent "HARLER!!!", friendly shoves from them and.. and....

SCREW THAT MAN!!! IM FRIGGIN SHINJI IKARI NOW!!! I DONT HAVE NO FRIENDS AND IM A FRIGGIN PUSSY. I came to the shocking realisation that getting a gf without getting one doesnt reap any benefits at all. Therefore i went back to....

SHINJI IKARI H GAME PROTAGONIST!! I finally found out the reason why a 4d h game protagonist just doesnt cut it... Cos it's 4d damn it!!! So i'd turn myself into a 4d protagonist with a 2d-ish illusion, hence increasing the chances of me getting laid. Oh oh even better! A SUPER SHINJI IKARI H GAME PROTAGONIST!! That's be so awesome!! You can turn people into jello... ( I still dont get the ending to evangelion....)'

Oh well.. Waffle is still at the starting line.... and Kaya is still trying to find the starting line... I took a super detour and ended up crashing down the mountain and burning alive...

Ok whatever.... This post really sucks....

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