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<( ' ' )> Saturday, April 11, 2009
Smirnoff triple distilled is so pure it doesn't cause hangovers. Or maybe I just developed resistance...

After a really fun night,the cool dude management (or just me,actually) have come to a few conclusions about life.

1.American movies are nonsense.The crap they portray results in us never having a single female join our drinking parties,even if Peanut's girlfriend of sorts happens to live so near me.Why?Girls seem to be under the impression that getting drunk with guys will invariably result in them getting raped.Seriously.Rape?!?!?!That's probably the most mundane thing to do when you're high!Stupid Americans...

2.LAN when high is stupid.stupid stupid stupid!Waste high time..I just fell asleep at the computer.Stupid kaya...

3.Muthabak produces black puke and coleslaw produces white puke.

4.Bring ear plugs during sleepovers which involve guys and alcohol.Once the high is over,the bitching about personal relationships etc. etc. begins.Utterly unbearable when all you want to do is collapse and KO.

5.NEVER allow your sly sleepover guests to trick you into sleeping on the floor while they take your bed.

6.Do NOT carry your handphone around with you when you are high.You never know what type of bullshit messages you start to send.Encode all your contacts or do not save your contacts' names.You never know what YOUR FRIENDS will send out to unknowing contacts.

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