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<( ' ' )> Friday, March 20, 2009
What cool dude WaFFLe did yesterday.We should all follow his kick-ass example.

Drank approx 150ml of 80 proof vodka neat.With coke light to wash it down.Totally tasted like hand sanitizer...

No big deal right?

Yeah.The great WaFFLe then proceeded to ice skate in his inebriated floaty happy sunshiney zoo wee mama state. The results were needless to say,awesome.

What he did do:
-Growled at everybody passing by
-Cut into a bunch of people taking a photo
-Raised his middle finger to some zhabo who objected his divine intervention in her photo
-Shouted FUCK YOU TOO to that zhabo
-Laughed uncontrollably(Duh?)
-Shouted HIIIEEE!!! to lime green but she totally did not turn around and fungus did not pay him 2 dollars
-Wiped out till his jeans were totally DRENCHED with melted ice.Aka.Water.Phrased as melted ice for those whose primitive brains fail to see the link between ice skateing and getting your pants wet.

What he did not do (although it would have been excellent if he did the following)
-Approach a little girl he found SUPER CUTE!!!Totally felt like hugging her...

Few regrets.Maximum fun.Lets follow the example of our great leader.Man...I love writing in third person mode...

CherryDonut @ 9:48 AM
domo 9:48 AM

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