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<( ' ' )> Tuesday, February 17, 2009
The quality of posts is going down the drains.No,actually,drains is a major understatement.More like the giant long kang next to my primary school.It is unfortunate but i will have to inform all you devotees that I am gradually losing my touch of coolness.I can feel it slowly being eroded by our LOVELY EDUCATION SYSTEM!I would love to rant against the gahmen,but I have an IQ of above 100,so i won't.

Another one of the many reasons is that I am now surrounded by the intellectual elite.Sad to say,the education system has taken its toll of many of them.(Either that or they're really good actors)None of them are as cool/immature as my brudders for me to draw inspiration from to churn out stupid posts.

And the biggest reason,a massive drop in the people I cant rant about.While VS used to be infested with matts,my new school is well,filled with smart people.And even the matts seem to have taken on a low profile.With the main source of inspiration gone,I know not how much longer I can keep going on.

-Proceeds with another 1 gazillion words of emo ranting-

As such,I have justified why posts will get even less frequent.Did I mention anything about me being lazy or admitting that I'm getting dumber?No?Oh.Ok.Thats good

CherryDonut @ 6:33 PM
domo 6:33 PM

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