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<( ' ' )> Thursday, February 26, 2009

What FUN!!!Today is HBL(Home based learning) DAY!!I am so happy and exhilrated and..and...forget it...I'll stop before i break out into spamming torrents of stuff about Mr happy Sun,ice cream,playgrounds,and little bunnies and furry animals frolicking in the lush green fields illuminated by the warm rays from the heart of Mr Happy Sun.

I have to say that Home based learning might actually be pretty conducive if more work had gone into it.The physics powerpoint was awesome.(Went through it in 20 minutes instead of the usual 1 hour lecture)But what really takes the cake today was the GP 'lesson of sorts'.I have affixed screenshots of the lesson,which seriously redefines conducive study and what school should really be about.

Wait...The above paragraphed sounded overly mature/super lame and unmanly.I shall now provide a demo of what school should be about,based on detailed studies carried out by Professor Waffle on the psyche of widdle kiddies.
The day should start with lots of FUN!!!So that children will all look forward to coming to school!!YAY!!!

And...And..And...the school canteen should sell lollipops and candy!!!And..And...And...GUMMY BEARS!!!

And I just received notification that this blog post is not compulsory,so I'll stop here...

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