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<( ' ' )> Friday, February 27, 2009

YIPPEEE!!!!Peanut turns 5 next week!So we held a really happy joyous sunshiney birthday party for him today!Complete with a birthday cabbage and a really big candle!Unfortunately,camwhoring does not come naturally to us.We attribute this to the high amount of compensation we have had to pay out to camera owners after our super powerful ultimate shuai-ness failed to be contained within a few measely pixels,devastating their pathetic cameras.As a result,we cannot display all the cool things we did today.But I shall list them out so that others can celebrate their birthdays in an manner that might be more MANLY!!!YEAHH!!!

-Buy a birthday cabbage for the birthday boy/girl (a withered cabbage will do for a girl)

-=) What to do next is a surprise that will be covered in our next release,the adventures of mister cabbage.

-Cremate a cockroach. (Preferabbly live.But we did it to a dead cockroach)

-Enjoy a seafood treat

-Create a birthday candle with oyster shells and set it alight,singing a birthday song at maximum volume in a crowded hawker centre wearing your school PE shirt.

-Oyster onion ice shake for the birthday boy!

-Play drive-bys and gangfights on roller blades and bikes.

-Wipeout a lot.

-Get up and start blasting school cheers while campers are trying to sleep in their tents.

Here are some pictures of our birthday cabbage ceremony.

Having experienced natural high,I shall now do a detailed analysis of the differences between natural,and alcoholic high.

Natural High
-U feel like doing stupid stuff and you look sane doing it

-You just do stupid stuff and look really dumb.

Natural High
-You feel the warm fuzzy feeling of friendship.Awww....

-What feelings?I don't feel anything.Ugh...get outta my way wall...Ugh...Gimme something to

Natural High
-You can walk and talk coherently

-WHEEE!!!HEHEHEHEHEH!!!Stagger Stagger Fall

Natural High
-Wipeouts don't really hurt cause friendship cures the pain...

-Roll Roll Roll...Did I just fall down a flight of stairs?THAT WAS FUN!LETS DO IT AGAIN!!!Why's my arm twisted like that...

Natural High
-You leave reluctantly,not wanting the night with your loved ones to end.

-Screw off guys..i wanna go home and hit the sack...

Natural High
-You wake up the next morning appreciating life even more and wanting to meet your loved ones again.

-My head...Feel like puking..Blehh..Blehh...Ugh...I'm never touching booze again. (The day after)

And the obvious verdict?Booze wins.Hands down.No arguments here.

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