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<( ' ' )> Tuesday, February 17, 2009
IS THIS THE END OF COOLDUDERESOURCE??? Just to grab your attention so that you'll be more willing to read my emo rants. I apparently do have the inspiration to rant about certain groups of people in my school. Because my school... is well... that kind of school, but i just don't have the luxury of time to do so. Anyway Waffle mentioned "intellectually elite", but I really do not believe that they are even a tenth as smart as me. Or Waffle. Or any of the cool dude affiliates... except a certain iron ore member... As a future (hopefully) co-president (co- because another guy apparently has the same idea and I was somehow forced into co-operating with him. Moral? Don't ever commit. Ever.) of literary club (he was rather insistent on naming it Writers' Society. I told him to screw off), I would like to take this opportunity to showcase my literary talent to bring across a point so full of complex meanings and philosophies, to portray the current mix of emotions during this current phase of mine:

School sucks. No serious.

And it doesn't help one bit to be in a school with uncool teachers, unlike the people at coolduderesource, and to a worser extent, uncool students, the part which I really can't stand. And of course how could I forget? Nearly 50% of the students there are girls, which I still think do not exist in this realm of space time. I only have eyes for the pretty 2 dimensional girls (not the ones Waffle draw though). But they take up space and makes everything so crammed, so it's quite hard to ignore them anyway.

There are a couple of things which i learnt in my school, of which i see the duty to impart this wisdom onto you nonexistant readers.

1. Toilets are more of fixing your gravity-defying hair than anything else
2. Our school theme song sounds like it was ripped off from NDP.
3. There aren't any lifts to abuse, unlike in a certain ex-secondary school.
4. Lectures are for sleeping with your eyes closed, and tutorials are for sleeping with your eyes open.
5. 10 hours at school each day can't be healthy.
6. Valentine's day is bullshit.
7. I still think that they should set up a techno club, but this school's pretty uptight about new ccas...
8. Most students at my school refuse to choose the better alternative FOR EVERYTHING.
9. The 2nd most irritating kind of people are those who are immature but try not to act immature.
10. The most irritating kind of people is me. Wait that isn't even grammatically correct...
11. A matt trying to pick a fight with you is fun stuff.

OK with that impartment of wisdom, I wish that your IQ has at least increased by -50. Ah speaking of which i was looking through the IQ improvement book, it was great shit ^^. Waffle i think you should go read through it again... Signing off, Peanut.

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