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<( ' ' )> Friday, January 16, 2009
Alright,remember how a few posts ago i ridiculed students taking up jobs?Guess what?I managed to get myself landed in one just to experience working for meagre pay for a period of ten days so that i can present my ultracool findings to all you imaginary readers.Here are a few predictions of what my job is going to be like.Oh.I start work today btw.Come visit me at the NTUC at Jalan Tiga if you need to buy any F&N drinks for CNY.

1.I'll be stuck with 2 chain-smoking ah bengs with bodies that resemble swiss cheese.(Both because of the piercings and the smell)They'll both hang around and talk really loudly leaving me out of a conversation I do not have the capabilities to understand.And they'll make me do all the work.I haven't even met them and i hate them already...

2.I'll be all alone.Awesome...Then i can play scissors paper stone with myself all day.

3.I'll be stuck with a fellow geeky ugly socially inapt guy.Even more awesome.We can play scissors paper stone with each other all day.And stare at people walking by through our super thick glasses.

4.I'll meet up with a really pretty childhood female friend and then... *ramble ramble ramble H-game scene ramble ramble ramble*Not gonna happen.This is a MANLY job!And girls are icky poo and they're not invited into my secret clubhouse ultra mega super duper base.

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