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<( ' ' )> Sunday, January 25, 2009
happy chin chin new year to all... chin chin people. Hope you non-existant readers get lot's of new year's allowance from your elder family members. TO DONATE ALL OF THEM TO COOLDUDERESOURCE MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHH! Ok whatever. Update time.

Coolduderesource is currently in the midst of creating a h game for you sexually deprived souls who do not know where or how to torrent "free" h games. So thanks in advance to me, since I predict i'll be doing most of the work anyway. yes you're very welcome. Hopefully we will get the demo of the game uploaded and ready to be dled as soon as possible. And for those of you who are wondering what the game is gonna be about, let me give you a brief overview.


Half Just Kidding.

Of course for this production we will, as usual, enlist the help of professionals throughout the course of creation in their respective fields. So you know what kind of awesome h game we'll be creating >.>

Anyway ideas are very welcome, just tag them on the tag board. For those who do not know what are h games, just give your ideas anyway. No yaoi please... A certain iron ore ranked cooldude affiliate will become over stimulated...

Ok that's it for now. You can be rest assured that you will NOT waste your hdd space on this h game. The most anticipated h game of 2009!! Rambo - The first light!!

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