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<( ' ' )> Sunday, January 11, 2009
Welcome to the first in a series of coolness at the gym.Yes!A real life one!No pokemon battles here!While you sit scratching your head at why cool dudes like us even need to hit the gym,I shall verse it simply to increase the ease of understanding.

Cool dudes like me,(WaFFLe),have undoubtedly perfect bods.Too perfect i must say.My beer belly is simply TOO SEXY FOR GIRLS TO RESIST!I have more fangirls than the number of amoeba in a 1000ml sample of amoeba concentrate solution.And i must admit,the fangirls are getting absolutely annoying!Imagine spending every waking hour with dazzlingly gorgeous girls!Simply too monotonous if you ask me.Which is why I need to hit the gym and lose some of my natural attractiveness by heaping pounds of unsightly muscle onto my excessively enticing frame.

The first tip I have to alll you gym goers out there is about the time you hit the gym.Late afternoons and weekends are a definate no-no.For some reason,these times are the unofficial dress-like-a-marvel-superhero hours.You will see people with builds like the incredible hulk,thor,or whatever superhero you can perceive with rippling huge muscles.It does not help that they laugh at your underdeveloped (but cool) muscles as you try to lift weights a tenth of what they do.

The solution?Simple.Just go on weekday mornings!When the old grannys and grandpas hit the gym.You can pump 2.5kg weights with aplomb as the grandpas and grannys huff and puff trying to lift the metal bar with no weights on it!Now THAT is true coolness.

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