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<( ' ' )> Monday, December 22, 2008
Another one of life's greatest mysteries has left me absolutely befuddled.There seems to be a magnetic attraction that draws silly gushing teenage girls to cinemas in hoards to watch the vampire romance movie tweelai(name edited to bypass copyright nonsense).It does not seem very surprising at first,looking at the magnificently rendered CG scenes from the trailer,though it comes no where near to Transformers,the only movie I have watched and left the cinema feeling willing to have part with my money.

The part that truly confuses me is that they watch the movie over and over again,with some running across the causeway to watch it before it screens in cinemas here!Goodness me.The CG effects aren't even all that top rate!And then i find out something that seeks to make the image of a typical female even more idiotic in my mind.THEY WATCH IT FOR THE ROMANCE!!!

I seriously fail to see how anyone could be such a moron.I mean,haven't we seen this vampire x human thing before?Edison Chen did it with twins effect,which was pretty cool,i must admit.But surely not cool enough for me to watch it more than once.The plot is so absolutely predictable!Without having watched Tweelai myself,i shall come up with a quick plot break down.

Scene 1:
Ancient vampire meets young human chio Bu.
Scene 2:
Romantic nonsense begins.He chats her up,kiss kiss,hug hug...Yuck yuck.

Scene 3:Ultimate vampire evil boss appears.He needs the blood of the specific girl.Who coincidentally *gasp* happens to be the chiobu Mr vampire is going out with.

Scene 4:
Ultimate vampire evil boss kills girl and drinks her blood.Transformation to ultimate godly evil boss mode begins.

Scene 5:
Mr vampire gets really really upset and turns into a super Saiyan,vowing to take revenge on ultimate vampire boss.A fierce battle ensuing 99 nights begins.An entire city is devastated.Both parties die in a dramatic dissolving into ash.

Scene 6:
During the ferocious battle,a secret underground laboratory belonging to Umbrella corporation is destroyed.The latest deadly Z virus is released.Zombie infection begins.

Scene 7:
Unable to contain the outbreak,the chinese military enlists the help of Aliens.However..The aliens betrayed them...
Ok.I got lost after the romantic part.I simply cannot conceive any scenes of romance and have a very low tolerance for romance in films.(Squirmed in my seat watching the kissing scene in spider man)Situations like these are what makes me consider accepting a girl into the editorial panel of CDR...

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