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<( ' ' )> Tuesday, December 23, 2008
which is our site. duh. anyway peanut here. If you haven't noticed already, I'll put it in bold. THERE IS A NEW MUSIC PLAYLIST AT THE SIDE ABOVE THE CHATBOX. Although I think the playlist itself is so much bigger than mere bold words, if you haven't noticed that thing which plays music once you enter our site, I don't think you'll ever notice it till you die. Anyway why the sudden addition to our already cool site? We've been starting to explore new previously unexplored realms, and we're taking you on this incredible journey: To rid your mind of ultimately trashy pop music from the likes of the Johannes Brudders and the Rigunna. Lemme post one of the lyrics of one of the songs of our special selection.

Express Love (lyrics):
Show me tonite that you're not a venture
That you can love me with another spirit
Give me the life as you were the nature
What is the reason why you keep me waitin'

I don't wanna be losing you
Don't you see that
I can't live another day without you
But you're teasing me
You just give an

Express love
And I cry (die) for you tonite
And I'm dying (crying) but you, you give an
Express love
Stop for a while and think of me
To be part of my life so you can
Express love

Why can't you see
That my heart is breaking
Tonite I gotta make you feel I love you
Want me to try dancing in the bedroom
But I don't wanna be the one night story

Does the music lyrics makes sense? It does if you're cool. But that's a long arduous process. So what's the difference between trashy pop and cool music before you become as cool as us? The music. Well that helps a lot...

Kidding. This shit makes you high. Trashy pop music does not. And it's equally senseless. Why crack your brains over spastic music which is bound to decrease your iq without enjoying it first, while you can go through the process while enjoying it? And the lyrics, if any, is unlike trashy pop music which actually try to make sense, but can't. The lyrics, as shown in the example above, doesn't make sense to the extent that it becomes hilarious! Hehehe...

The only good music nowadays are the unpopular music. It's a pretty obvious fact why this is so. Simply because of the rarity of cool dudes, like us.

Another reason why you need to listen to our music, is because our posts are cool. Uncool music + cool reading material, will cancel each other out, and implode your brain, or whatever's left of it anyway. This is for your own safety. So turn off that 98.7 FM or whatever you have going on, and turn up your speaker volume. DJ Peanut and DJ Waffle will bring you the best selection of cool music. Diu diu diu diu~~~! Turn up the bass!

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