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<( ' ' )> Saturday, December 6, 2008
I waited so long for the stinking exams to end,and after they have,I came to the shocking realization that i do not have the financial resources to do ANY of the things i set of to do after the exams!!!I went to my ATM and she told to get a job.GET A JOB?GET A JOB!?!?!?!?ARE YOU F*CKING CRAZY!?!?!

Of course,I didn't say that out loud.Cool people DO NOT take up part time student jobs for the following reasons.

Service Jobs(eg. Attending to customers in a shop)

This field of work exposes an individual to the highly feared creature known as the tai tai with nothing better to do.These heinously horrendous hippos simply live off their rich,pitiful husbands and spend their time playing mahjong,chatting with friends and shopping.I do not have any taichi with the species in general,just a certain type,the nothing better to do,western-educated and I-think-I'm-the-most-important-person-in-the-world-type.They come into a shop and immediately call for assistance by exclaiming a single "OI!","HELLO!" or "HEY!" at the nearest hapless shop assistant and looks at the assistant from head to toe before making demands to try on something along the lines of every single piece of clothing in the shop.

These are some of the things they do that bring about a serious aversion to working.

1.Ask for sizes way too small cause they think they're very young,petite and slim when they're not,and then complain that the shop's clothes are lousy because they do not fit.The pitiful shop assistant does not even dare to suggest a larger size as he/she is afraid to aggravate the creature.

2.Hog the changing room looking at herself like very pretty liddat...

3.Talk in a very loud voice with that annoying pseudo-Ang Moh accent.

4.Continue to use the Ang Moh accent even though the assistant is clearly befuddled by her enunciation.

5.Look irritably at assistant when her grunting commands are not understood.

6.Spend a long time at the shop trying on stuff even though she had no intention of buying anything from the start.(Who needs Giordano and Bossini when your husband pays for Armani and Gucci?)

And the one I simply do not have the heart to witness

6.Drags her docile husband with her to the shop on weekends and commands the husband to carry stuff,wait for her etc...Men are supposed to be superior to women!!!

And I have even see a particular Tai Tai interestingly ask a shop assistant if there would be extra charges for the assistant's help.I tried hard not to laugh as the poor 14/15/16 y/o girl stood there with 'stun' written all over her face.

Next time,I will continue to rant,rave and ridicule student jobs.

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