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<( ' ' )> Saturday, December 27, 2008

After the last post,I wallowed in my sorrow,lamenting how severe the degradation of movies has become,until a super cool dood told me to watch a certain kick-ass movie.


I have to say that this movie is EPIC AWESOME!For one,there is ABSOLUTELY NO ROMANCE throughout the entire film,which was disappointingly short at under an hour,excluding the parts without violence.However,I was glad to notice that extreme violence is still present,which has over the years,been left out of most movies outside the horror genre to cater to little kiddies and their families,or icky teenage girls swooning over their super shuai idols.Needless to say,i am shuaier,so i don't see what the big deal is about.

Being an absolutely stuck up asshole,I must still find things to gripe about in this awesome movie.

1.Not enough violence.They should totally skip the first part.Screw the plot.Nobody needs a story.Just jump into the fighting and include a bonus 3 hour long footage of mindless extreme blood and gore.

2.There is a female side character.Damn it,from past experiences,female side characters do nothing but create complications,slow the main hero down and lower the violence o meter.Hey,I admit I am a sexist,but I'm not saying all female characters suck.Ada Wong,Jill Valentine etc. etc. from resident evil kick ass.Apart from Ashley.Useless little whiner...And lets not forget the females from tekken,99 nights,dynasty warriors...See?I'm not a total asshole after all!I acknowledge contributions females make!

3.More blood needed.Oh wait...I think that and not enough violence are synonymous...

To sum things up,violence kicks romance's ass ANYTIME!

In the meantime,I shall wait for Red cliff 2.Though it's not very high on gore,it is an extremely manly show.The scene about the old man and the ox made me cry buckets from the sheer manlyness the general displayed.THAT is what real tear jerkers should be made of,not stupid divorces,slapping and family disputes.

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