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<( ' ' )> Saturday, December 6, 2008
pardon my spelling... *cough* ok cool dudes! im back! from the great land of Britain. Frankly I was pretty disappointed with the trip.... The music there sucks. The people there are too tall (or I'm too short, most likely the latter). Everything is pretty much VERY expensive (exchange rate ₤1 = SGD$ 2.30, lucky us actually). So in the end, I didn't buy anything home, and my mum had a whale of a good time walking round Oxford Circus shopping for hours (8 and a half hours per day to be exact) and buying nothing home. Oh well I didn't go home empty handed. I brought home myself as a souvenir (narcissistic aren't I?). Anyway enough of my blabbering, a faint hearted attempt to mimic uncool individuals who blog incessantly about their mundane holidays. Time to get to the cool stuff.

Let's address last last week's burning question. Why do big gigantic robots doing battle with other... big gigantic robots seem so interesting?
ahh the beauty of it all. Come to think of it, there are many animes which i can think of which involve big gigantic robots. Gundam, Evangelion, Code Geass, Bleach, Naruto, Hayate no gotoku and many many more. So what's up with all the hype? Let's find out.

Characteristics of big gigantic robots:
They look exactly like the image which comes to mind when you imagine "big gigantic robots". Talk about originality... Ok ok I'll describe them to you.... They usually have a (gigantic) head, 2 (gigantic) arms, 2 (gigantic) legs. Yeah that's about it. Their most popular weapons of mass destruction... Is ironically.... a (gigantic) sword. Other variations include (gigantic) guns, (gigantic) beams of light spilling out of their mouths and the ever classic I-use-my-hand-which-has-just-been-broken-off-by-you-to-whack-you-ironically (insert gigantic where necessary). They're very colorful, purpose unknown. Some say it's to camouflage against the backdrop of blue and purple lasers lacing across the night sky, diu-diu-diu-diu~~~... Ahem sorry a bit too romantic. Others say the color attracts birds and the bees, like how flowers do. Well there's something with a tad of realism and sensibility...

So is this the cause of all the hype? Yes to a certain extent. But definitely not the ultimate reason. Let's delve in a little more....

Fight sequence:
Really.... it's just a gang fight.... magnified. No really...

Maintenance cost:
Very expensive. Costs 10 million gearbwable or whatever funny currency they have in the future...

Freedom fighters:
No that's just a stupid excuse for big gigantic robots to do battle with other big gigantic robots.

Well.... yeah.... that pretty much sums it up.... But the most important reason is!!!!!!!


Man that was CLASSIC.

Ah well.... robots are cool.... all hail my editing skills

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