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<( ' ' )> Monday, November 17, 2008
I will leave tomorrow to chase my destiny,reach the next rung of the endless ladder to world domination,make my dreams reality,and enter into the vast boundless China,the nation of...Chinese?

Yes,I am on a hunt where skills and innate ability reign supreme.No you dolt,I'm not referring to playing the flirting game.That comes later.I'm still training.Welcome to the world of...Engrish Hunting!!!The never ending search for horrendously hilarious abuse of the English Language.Armed with my 10 megapixel camera and my slit-like typical cheena man eyes,I will hunt down signs across all of China,capturing the various misappropriations of English.All in the name of...Idiotic fun.

Hail my editing skills.They are divine.

On a relatively unrelated note,I would like to turn your attention to a different topic altogether.

-section censored for fear of government persecution-

And that is why i seriously cant stand some groups of people.I hereby declare the creation of a Yellow Supremacist group,the Ku Ke La Xi Klan.We(No actually I'm the only member) aim to rid the world of all elements non-yellow and achieve YELLOW SUPREMACY!!!!(duh?)
So join me on my quest all yellow people,together we will strive to herald in the dawn of a world where yellowness reigns supreme!For the sake of China!Chairman Mao!!And the continuity of the WaFFLe bloodline!!!

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domo 7:49 AM

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