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<( ' ' )> Sunday, November 30, 2008
well well, looks like I'm off to Great Britain on Monday eh? Actually I was supposed to deal with the anime fest post, but my underling had failed to promptly send me the photos, so the complete post will be done later i guess. For now you'll just have to make do with the commentary.

Sunday, 23rd of November

Anime Fest, Suntec Convention hall

Q: What do you do at Singapore's anime convention?
A: Nothing.


The real answer is...
A: Nothing.

Truthfully, I spent roughly 10 times the amount of the time OUTSIDE the convention hall, than inside of it. Anyway they give you this magic stamp which can only be seen under UV light, so we could come and go as we please.

To give your minuscule brain a little idea why I spent so little time there (30 mins, 10 mins playing Initial D included), I've come up with a schematic plan of the damned place.

Yes that's about it. The only thing which I can comfort myself is that I didn''t die of boredom, which is quite an achievement actually. And damn there weren't any Maria figurines there. And NO winx club!!!! Nor Yo Gabba Gabba. No yuri (sorry Waffle). No doujins (h of course). Nothing cool whatsoever. All that was on sale were useless figurines (gundam mostly, though there was a bible black figurine which was pretty hip but figured my mum wouldn't sit well with it). There were cosplayers, but they all suck. Wanna know why? They didn't patronise Dora the Explorer (dude her bangs are HOT). Yes yes that's the only reason. Oh yeah, their eyes weren't big enough. You'll see what i mean when I post the pictures (not of the cosplayers you dolt, the only thing they achieve is to spoil my underling's camera). The next time I post, though it's a little overdue, will be about the mysteries of big gigantic robots doing battle with.... with... other big gigantic robots, and why 4D cosplayers suck so bad (ironic really).

So I'm off to London for the week, to see those soldiers with big furry hats bigger than their swords (seriously, they should just ditch their guns and go to battle with that thing, great distraction too). And also to see the Eiffel tower. So till then, さようなら、とこんいちわ、光のロンドン~!じゃね~!

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