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<( ' ' )> Sunday, November 16, 2008
Hey..This is waffle.As if you non-existent readers don't already know...When the O levels are over,the cats come out to play!Wait...that does not rhyme!Hold on a second,it does not even make sense to begin with...

To cut a long story short..
I played computer games
I got my butt kicked
I got pissed off and went all out
Still got my butt kicked
Gave up
Decided to tinker around with stuff
Achieved nothing that will bring about the obliteration of all human life on Earth
Bitch on blog

Today..I proudly present the first officially released pictures of my highly confidential project.The following is a prototype of the WaFFLeGUn,which is essentially just a home made flamethrower.Of course,it hasn't been tested out yet.(I may be reckless,but I'm not stupid)I would appreciate it if someone could swagger up to the nearest petrol station and buy me a litre of petrol for the further development of this socially beneficial project.(We can raze soccer fields with the gun,and everyone knows soccer contributes to 36.298% of the annual decay of our society)

Without further ado, I present...Dun dee dum duu dee dum.....

I hate my slow upload speed...

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