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<( ' ' )> Friday, August 1, 2008
I'm back...The SPAs are finally over!And no,fortunately,I will spare you from my ranting about how they went.Time to move on to some random thoughts and feelings i need to get off my chest.

7 11 is a giant swindle racket.They charge like 30% more than other places.For example..
Nong Shim korean Kimchi noodle(Love this stuff)
Supermarket:$1.70 SPC:$1.85 7 11:$2.45

QClassic Vodka
SuperMarket:$4.70 SPC:$6.30 7 11:$7.80


Some schools are really dumb (i'm not saying which ones).They pay for bangla workers to risk their lives and paint the sides of the school building when there is an alternative solution.

1.Set up flimsy harness imported from some substandard china factory
2.Arm students with paint spray guns
3.Send Matts who got in through DSA but now have horrible attitude towards their CCAs and will bring down the school academic ranking by making excessive noise and disrupting studies to do some ehem abseiling and paint shooting down the wall.
4.Tell the teacher to go for a toilet break.
5.Knowing Matts,theyll probably start making noise and spraying one another with paint,jerking the flimsy cable all over the place.
6.When the teacher comes back,the wall will have been painted with extravagant artistic dashes of colour and the human flesh-devouring fish brought in for scientific experiments below will have been fed.
7.Whoops,forgot to mention about the human flesh-devouring fish earlier...

On the bus yesterday..there was this Matt...
Apparently,he was sharing with his friends that he had made an amazing simply incredible (Noted.Thanks) discovery!

He found out how to put mp3s into his phone

Thing was that he still had yet to learn how to download full songs,so all he had was this 10 secondish preview clip easily obtained from an online legit music shop.And what would be the sensible thing to do?Learn to download full clips?Nope,not for this guy.He just kept playing the clip over and over again.I think it was a 50cent song or some other hip hop song.It went something along these lines...

BZeoww(Nigga opening)
Boom dam dam Boom dam dam(pretty funky beat)
Yeah..Awl Ah Reahlli Need Baybehh Gurlll Is Ah Liddle...And the clip got cut off.

His friends seemed rather excited,so...

BZeoww(Nigga opening)
Boom dam dam Boom dam dam(pretty funky beat)
Yeah..Awl Ah Reahlli Need Baybehh Gurlll Is Ah Liddle...

The dude was rather proud of his accomplishments,which were no doubt a major contribution to mankind,but not my ears,so...

BZeoww(Nigga opening)
Boom dam dam Boom dam dam(pretty funky beat)
Yeah..Awl Ah Reahlli Need Baybehh Gurlll Is Ah Liddle...

And so on and so on,until they finally got off at the Parkway busstop.

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