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<( ' ' )> Saturday, August 2, 2008
This post is addressed to [blogger] who posted the comment on this previous post.

We would like to assure you that we are definately not racist towards any race and/or racial groups, for it is against our policy. Matts, by defination, are malay gangsters or delinquents and "Matts" hold the same relativistic meaning to Ah bengs. The reason for pointing out matts so often in our posts is not because we're racist, but because Ah bengs are getting less and less common, and just commenting based on our own imagination of what ah bengs would be like would be more of a felony than giving our true opinion of what matts are. By the way, being racist is to stereotype a certain racial group because of their race, and to the extent dislike/hate that race, and openly insult the race AS A WHOLE based usually on an unreasonable basis. For example, chinese are all stupid. That was a plain racist remark. Whereas mentioning the term matts and commenting on that particualr group of people is not necessarily racist. And i would like to further point out that matts are a group of people that hold the same traits, so there would not be matts who aren't, well, matts.

Thank you.

The Management.

My apologies for the spelling error. Thank you for pointing that out. Apparently we've both misunderstood the term matt. It's a slang which is not widely understood by many people. So happens that matt does not mean that they hav to be malay. It's a term with alot of grey areas, but as long as it sounds cool such little details can be compromised. The delinquent part is pretty much understood, but the part of the race... Anyway ah bengs, gangsters, matts, they all refer to the same thing in this blog. I know of some chinese who are matts. It's hard to define, but usually they are a group of delinquents who don't appear to study, have awesome sense of dressing, and wear cool shoes. Other traits include, well, lame jokes, talk loudly in public, and do rather incredible stunts. And many many others. Well is hard to explain, but once u see one, it's easy to identify others. Through experience, and public transport. That makes the last part of that previous reply clear. Matts won't be called matts if they aren't matts in the first place. Although most people observe that most matts are malay, but that's incorrect. I admit i had that wrong mentality too. Bet you had the same mentality otherwise you wouldn't be posting that comment in the first place. Bt after some thought, there are some chinese who are matts, that i've seen before. Delinquent, punk, gangster, those terms aren't able to bring out the nature of those people. Hence usage of the name matt. Crude, simplistic, unelegant looking word, yet it looks as if it's full of youth and energy. That's exactly the kind of word which we want. If we were to replace all the matt words with something else, it'll lose it's impact. And of course, coolness.

Some afterthought:
actually even if matts were consisted of malay, and if we're against them, it's not right to jump the gun and say that we're racist. Why? Let me give an example and put it into this context. I'm against Merced*s coupe series. Merced*s coupe series is a subset of coupes, no? but am i against merced*s? nope i am not. why? Maybe bcos i feel that merced*s coupes do not look good enough, they do not have enough power, it's unstable in the corners. not just bcos they come from the company Merced*s. There are certain underlying reasons instead of race that SHOULD be taken note off. Equating "against matts" with "against malays" is definately incorrect. It is a false accusation. And in some instances, if you say something even worse than that, you may in turn be seen as the real racist. I'll give an exaggerated example. Your hair is black. Then you say "RACIST RACIST RACIST! YOU ARE AGAINST [race]!" Racism is definately a bad thing, but Cherrydonut is obviously being sarcastic about his comment to this post, please don't mind him. as for the "underlying reasons" of us aginst matts, well, i wouldn't divulge that kind of information bcos:
1. We aren't against matts in the first place; that was just a hypothetical situation
2. We might have to close down because of complains from matts that we are "insulting them EXPLICITLY.

By the way, i just discovered that "matt" is actually a style, but it's not just skin deep.

BubblyJelly @ 10:35 PM
domo 10:35 PM

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