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<( ' ' )> Tuesday, August 5, 2008
What a long post in reply to a simple comment.Just goes to show how sensitive bubblyjelly is...

Whatever the case,i shall now delve into the deep mysteries of...Bags...Yes...Bags....This post will continue to inform you as to which are the cool and not so cool bag models among the ones which are currently all the rage among teenagers.

Bag type number 2:The "ZOMG MY EYES!!!!" Bag.

The creation of these bags is a highly complex and incomprehensible process whose secret used to lie in only the most brilliant of minds.However,due to the proliferation of P2P software,this once well guarded secret is now out,and it has spawned a host of copycats.Below is the original method used to create the ZME (acronym for ZOMG MY EYES) bag.

An amazingly cool work of artistic genius,such as the picture below,is shrunk using an extremely complex chemical process known as electrical tranmorphiguration addition polymerisation condensation assimilative decomposition using dichlorotrichloropenutbutterphenylmethene as a catalyst in the process which involves accelarating particles at a speed of 100000000000km/s to ensure that the waffle bonding becomes smaller.The chemical equation is as follows.

Waffle + Maple Syrup +Bak Chor Mee + Milk =Diarrhoea (HA!I know how to spell diarrhoea!Beat that!)

Following this,an feat of biological molecular engineering is carried out,although i will not go into the details,since the process above,which is elementary in comparison to this process,was obviously not understood.The works of artistic genius are duplicated by using a synthetic enzyme and pasted using electrostatic theories onto a piece of fabric,which gives the product in the picture

And the Final product....

Ahhh yes..How could i have forgotten,the visual nature of the product makes it an absolute threat to homeland security if i were to upload it.

The next time,i will go into the uses of this bag of highly scientific origins,and why,it is so cool.

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