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<( ' ' )> Friday, August 8, 2008
Oh great,just great.A 2 billion 1 hour production and i missed watching it on the same day as the China telecast on my house's 19 inch CRT(the fat type) TV.All thanks to...*drumroll* CHINESE!( chinese(the language) struts down a red carpet and gets shot in the head with a 9mm from my high velocity artic.)

Some thoughts about the Olympics (from what i have seen and heard so far)

1.HAO AH!!!HAO AH!!!ZHONG GUO HAO AH!!!AI GUO YA!!!MAO ZEDONG SHE ZHUI WEI DA DE REN AH!!!!ZHONG GUO QIAN JING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah alright.That should placate the Chinese internet police.Provided they can read hanyupinyin in the first place...

2.Wow..The world has so many little countries.Why don't they just group people up by skin colour or region and introduce them all at once,waste so much time otherwise...Wouldn't it be loads better if things were to go Africa!ASEAN!The rest of ASIA!America!Soviet Union!EU nations! Alright,we're done. instead of kazhakstan!Ubekistan!And 100 of its little known neighbours one by one.Oh yeah.Forgot antartica.Damn,those penguins run faster than lightning...

3.Those China Zhabos clad in white dancing around the sides clapping hands and gyrating all for the sake of the Beijing Olympics,they are seriously patriotic beyond the scope of our selfish little minds.They have to do that till 12 midnight.Good luck girls...May the force of Chairman Mao be with you.

4.I just realised something...THE PENGUINS ARE NOT OUT YET!!!ARGHHH!!!!Where are the penguins and their polar bear buddies!?!?!?This excruciating wait is simply killing me!There'd better come out soon...Hm...Wonder who the flag bearer will be...Probably padington bear.He's cool.Oh wait...He's not even a polar bear...

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