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<( ' ' )> Tuesday, July 8, 2008
peanut here. This post is gonna be short, but anyway i want u guys to understand that the main reason why we're not posting as much as often is bcos of the on-going mock exams, tests and admittedly, sheer laziness. Oh well we all aren't that free, n besides we're currently making a cool dude movie which will be posted soon after i get the final few scenes, editing and voice overs done. Of course a trailer would be released soon if i could only remember to film the scenes that i need... Oh well back to topic.

Why is taking the lift up 6/7 stories a crime in school, especially if we hav to carry 5 kg worth of textbooks and notes from ground to class? Well after cracking our brains, we've come up with the most satisfying answers that even prefects fear to give (well actually they don give a reason at all). So what r the answers?!!

List of ans:
1. Bcos the school says so.
2. Bcos i say so
3. Bcos lifts are electronic devices, and the school rules clearly state that there should not be any abuse of electronic devices.
4. Bcos i rather catch ppl taking lifts to class than catch ppl who smoke in toilets and take drugs.
5. Bcos i'm jealous.
6. Bcos i don visit coolduderesource.
7. Bcos my battleon account is lvl 7 only.
8. Bcos taking the lifts contribute to global warming and hence the annihilation of all life on earth.
9. Bcos i'm bored stiff n hav nothing else better to do.
10. Hmm...
11. That's it i guess.

So you dudes who takes the lift up to class satisfied of the reasons why u shouldn't? Of course! After all we at coolduderesource are totally supportive, and hav absolutely blind faith in the student leaders who up to date done absolutely ordinary things which even i can do with one eye closed.

Btw in our school the penalty for getting caught using the lift is 4 hrs of detention.... Imagine if you could do 5 mins of detention a day... Hehe...

Ok peanut signing off.

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