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<( ' ' )> Wednesday, July 16, 2008
Long time since a proper lesson with pictures has been posted.Oh well,lets delve into the world where school bags are the only way to get individuality in the ubiquitous sea of white.I shall analyse one bag at a time,going by popular bag models,before pushing my own undeniably cool reccomendation

Bag type 1:The Memory game bag.

Many of you should have already seen this type of bag,commonly carried by matts who love to advertise their perception of "cool" fashion by making a big show out of themselves talking in their native tongue.Loudly.Very loudly.Good for them,dead loyal to their mother tongue.

These bags boast a generous dash of flaps on all corners,all looking like dead animal skin.Oh wait,they are supposed to look like dead animal skin.Theyre leather after all,or mock leather,depending on the financial status of the matt.

The good thing about these bags is that they boost one's IQ.Matts have bucketloads of fun passing their bags around asking their friends to pack their books for them,and when the time comes,they try to recall from memory which flap to open to get to the desired book.Although most of the time they just panic after forgetting and start flapping things all over the place,making it look like a hapless creature is being skinned alive.


these bags are real good for playing memory games,although aesthetically,they look like what they are supposed to look like,dead animals skinned by a blind schitzopherenic patient.

Cool factor: 5/10

CherryDonut @ 5:42 PM
domo 5:42 PM

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