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<( ' ' )> Thursday, July 10, 2008
hi peanut here. Hey we at coolduderesource are a conscientious lot, and we hav gone to great pains to device an experiment to, well, prove that the school rules aren't really being understood even by our school's student leaders. N perhaps prove the absurdness of it all.

During recess i was pondering over the problem of student leaders not really being leaders at all. So after finishing my burger, i had a great thought. Why not put it to the test? So after finishing my burger, i made a disgusting concoction of semi-melted ice and mushroom sauce. Well basically it looked like cold faeces. So armed with my physics workbook n accompanied with coolduderesource affiliates, i made my way boldly to the staircase where the prefects were positioned. I made sure that abit of the plastic was sticking out from the physics workbook which partially concealed my dangerous and disgusting concoction. I did not place it in my pocket as i did not want to appear that i had somehow excreted it. Looking on with great humour, they took no notice of the perpetrator and his loot. So i had to linger around them, short of taking out the bag and waving it in front of them. So the awaited moment arrived. He stopped me. 'What's that?' he asked. Hardly trying to conceal our amusement, i brought out the bag. From here i shall state the thoughts that he could hav been thinking.

1. Is that food? Catch him!
2. Hey it's a bag! Catch him!
3. Ew i hate dog faeces.
4. Lol i eat that stuff everyday! (kiddin)
5. Catch... Don catch... Catch... Don catch... Hey that's my homie!
6. So... Is mushroom sauce mixed with ice food or not?
7. ...... Shh i'm trying to think! Ah forget it... Waste my braincells...
8. I hav a duty to do! Worah worah worah!

Ok so with those possible thoughts, he finally asked me to throw it away. But after i refused to throw it away and offered to him, he gave up.

The complete conclusion that could be drawn from this experiment is highly subjective and i would like to keep it to myself untill i get enough substantial data. Just a note to the prefect, i understand that he was merely doing his duty and faced with such an unforseen situation, it is inevitable that he end up choosing a tough decision. But aren't leaders supposed to think ahead? That's the crux of this lesson. This post is not meant to insult any party, it's merely to point out one of the paradoxes that so many prefects are facing but not realising today. Oh and my identity may be compromised by posting this but who cares?

Peanut signing out. Next time we'll combat the flaw of examinations.

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