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<( ' ' )> Thursday, June 12, 2008
ok peanut here. i'm posting this to document our recent cool dude outing, and i'm doing this for A: I've neglected this blog for too long B: I'm at my cousin's house and don't know what to do (they're watching soccer right now Czech republic vs Portugal) C: Stop waffle from complaining about not posting anything for so long D: Trying out my cousin's cool wireless keyboard which can't play o2jam for nuts. So anyway, i shall follow the example of so many dumbdumbs out there blogging useless mundane and utterly boring recordings of they're idiotic live stories. so anyway...

5th of June : Iceskating outing (cooldude)
Waffle came up with the ingenious idea of going to kallang to iceskate, after two failed attempts at rollerblading. initially i was apprehensive, but was finally convinced that i should go to since i'm not the only one who sucks at rollerblading, so we decided to meet at kallang mrt at 11.30 am. So dressed in a shirt and semi long pants with ultra small pockets, I arrived there at 11.15, and decided to wait at the bus stop cos i did not want to be associated with the uncool dudes and dudettes sitting on the steps leading to the mrt station. I don't want to ruin my ultimate cool image.

So after meeting with kaya and waffle, a series of unfortunate events began to unfold. no wait. you could say it already has. starting with...

Muffin's (muffin is an affiliate of coolduderesource) friend had apparently took the train the wrong direction ( he actually lives 4 stops away from kallang mrt) and had to take the train going the right direction back. and guess what was the time when he arrived? 12.30 pm. and what time was the shuttle bus leavnig? 12 pm! But great news! We just received a call from our totally reliable indian friend that the shuttle bus service DOESN'T START UNTIL 3PM! oh wow. and we thought that people who strike 4d are lucky... however, things took for the worse. It started to pour heavily, and by directions from our totally reliable and loyal indian friend, who was supposed to lead us there but instead chose to take his father's car to the place, we were told to cross the road to the "bus stop", in the middle of the pouring rain, with.... one pathetic umbrella sponsored by me. We did manage to get across to the "bus stop" while being soaked in the process. however, we were met with a couple of rotten tables and chairs, and one vending machine on which had been pasted a miserable piece of paper "Bus/Taxi Stob <---" Great. It was obvious that where we were WASN't the bust stop. thanks alot, reliable and loyal indian friend.

so I, volunteering to scout the bus stop had to run for about two minutes there and back in the pouring rain with my pathetic umbrella which offered no protection whatsoever to my pants, shoes and socks. after returning, we had to take turns using the umbrella. so after 10 minutes of slaving away, braving both the weather with a pathetic umbrella and the empathetic gaze of a nearby taxi driver, we finally made it, soaked even more than before. and so we waited for perhaps 20 minutes for bus 11 to arrive. and to somehow rub it in, the rain actually STOPPED after 3 bus stops. great... and even though it was cold inside the bus, we weren't freezing. not because we were thick skinned, but bcos we're cool ^^. so we finally arrived at the place, with our reliable and loyal indian friend proudly proclaiming that he scored 1XX score in bowling while we were suffering in the rain and mud and what not. so we went to the iceskating counter to pay money. actually it was quite cheap, ok fine relatively cheap. ok fine not cheap at all. we also discovered that we had to bring in gloves, and if you didn't have any, you would have to buy it from them. and so i paid 2 bucks... for a pair gloves which had both style and poise, and also so elegantly designed: a pair of worker gloves.

and so we entered the ice skating ring, which somehow had an enormous gap in skill (none in the middle). you could see skaters doin twisters (official peanut name of move) and jumps. and at the same time you could see kids holding on to a strange device which oddly looked like a lawnmower withou the motor. good thing was that it wasn't as cold as i imagined, unless you fell down. and so... the rest of our adventures would be continued by waffle. pictures soon to come, if i feel like it....

Peanut, signing off.

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