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<( ' ' )> Friday, June 20, 2008
Update:Our cool dude movie is going pretty well,taking in to consideration the budget,or complete lack of any,we are working on...

To start things off,I'm sure all you aspiring cool dude readers know what an ice skating ice is.(Since i am not sure if its ice skating rink or ring.So lets just call the place,ice.)In case you don't,an ice skating ice is a place with a floor of ice for you to ice skate.(Duh?)That was such an enlightnenment...

I shall follow the same format i used for the coolness at the beach post.Dress code,followed by activites.

This is an incredible opportunity for all you cool dudes to have some REAL fun with your hair.For once,discard your wax and clay.Use gel for a change,the ultra hard type.Make sure your hair goes into spiky overdrive.Reasons for this?Wipeouts will be incredibly cool.After the gel gets frozen,a wipeout will result in fascinating visual effects,namely your hair shattering and creating beautiful sparks as you scrape your head against the floor.

Hey!Cool dudes have to STAY cool.So screw the typical wooly mammoth outfit.Instead,wear the same stuff you would wear to the beach!No shirt,and instead of the surf shorts,wear hot pants.No.I did not mean it literally.Wear those really tight really short pants.All for the sake of keeping the parts that are important to you from getting frostbite,but at the same time making sure the rest of your body is cool.

At NO time should you seem as though you do not know how to ice skate.Even though i know you bumbling wanna-bes don't.When you feel yourself about to be displaceds irreversibly from your equilibrium,when your weight no longer acts through your centre of gravity,resulting in a turning effect,you know that falling is inevitable.However,you can save yourself lots of embarrasment by simply dropping down into some cool b-boy postitions

The HeadStand

The Turtle

The Contortionist
EDIT:A cooler name for this is the pretzel.Inspired by don mess with da Zohan.Disco Disco!!!

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