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<( ' ' )> Friday, June 6, 2008
I just realised something.People post like crazy on their blogs.About absolutely irrelevant nonsensical boring bits of their mundane lives.

Eg.AHHHH so much homework!!AHHHHHHH!!!F*** O level lar.F*** my (insert family member).Bloody (insert weird hokkien acronyms here.Such as JNNCASJSHFUIEROLSMVIE)!!Hope they all faster go and die lar!Make me pick up one piece of dust from the floor!

Absolutely entertaining to read these types of rambling posts.

Ugh went off topic.Alright now that you are at the beach,and you are aesthetically appealing (to the birdies pecking at your hair.Wax makes good hard nests),its time to get down to what cool dudes should do at the beach!

First off,Soccer.Yes!No cool dude outing to the beach is complete without this absolutely complex game of i-chase-the-ball-like-mad-for-2-minutes-then-all-of-a-sudden-i-dont-want-it-anymore-and-kick-it-to-some-guy-standing-in-a-net.Be sure to bring a soccer ball.Then,take off your T-shirts.YES!Even the full bodied cool dude,and start kicking the ball across the pedestrain walkway(Even though there is a grass patch near the sand).Start running all over the place and dripping your sweat all over the hapless passer-bys.For a more intense game,take it
to the cycling path.Then you can play evade the cyclist and kick a ball around.How fun.

Second,Vending machines.Now that you all are hot,sweaty,smelly and dehydrated,go in a group to the nearest vending machine to get some drinks.Do this in a group,so that the stench of your nitrogeneous waste product saturated sweat will be amplified 200000 times over.Start making loads of noise when the machine eats your money.It will happen to at least one of you,trust me.Even non biological matter is susceptible to the adverse health effects of body odour.When this happens,fall to your knees and start saying things like "I trusted you!" and "I am hurt by your betrayal!",then start making a lot of noise and shaking the machine.(Even if there happens to be a number to call in case of such events.)To be a real cool dude,finish up by sticking a leaf or twig into the coil slot as you leave.Hey.If i do not get my drink,nobody is having it!

Third.Dig a 30kg fishing net out of the ground.This can be used for your future soccer games at the beach."huh?But should't that be done BEFORE playing soccer?"Nope,because cool dudes simply love soccer so much they can't think what to do BEFORE the game.Apart from kicking the ball across roads and into windows trying to act like Wayne R**ney,Arnold Swordzernigger,Michael Shoemarker or Ronald Su**lo.(Pro soccer players.I think.)

Oh well,I guess that will be it,despite being a cool dude myself,I do not go to the beach often,and i do not know the latest activities to do.The aforementioned ones are classics that will never die.Waffle/CherryDonuts,signing off.

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domo 1:57 PM

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