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<( ' ' )> Thursday, May 15, 2008
Alright,blogs are supposed to document one's life experiences aren't they.Today,I shall document a certain day which caused well,more than great revelations in the field of cool dude fashion.

I sat on a yellow couch in the waiting room of R*ffles Hospital waiting for my ankle check up.Knowing that there would be many sick people,i took painstaking effort to dress as uncooly as possible.Decked in a loose shirt,bermudas,absolutely infashionable ah gong slippers and a gravity UNdefying hairstyle,i was able to maintain the air temperature of the waiting room at a comfortable 23 degrees celcius,to the relief of many cold vulnerable patients.

It was just at that very moment...

*Cliffhanger* [BGM:Jaws theme,when the shark approaches]

That this dude around the age of 16 swaggered in,all attitude and perhaps,a little bit of well feigned ailments.Another one who simply does not see the importance of a good education,I thought to myself.MC buyers...

Although something made me change my mind.The waist of his jeans was weighed down by no less than 6 chains!!!It hit me hard then.Yeah,stupid fly,couldn't it see my cool aura with all those eyes?Yes!It was absolutely apparent...that this was a son of a bicycle reapair man,and had gotten chains permanently affixed to his waist in a chivarous effort to ease his father's burden.I was touched...on the shoulder by my mum who told me it was time to see the doctor.

However,that was not the last I saw of mister chivarous.At the medicine dispensary,I saw him again.Unfortunately,the chains were still stuck in his waist.I glanced at his feet,and was drawn to flaps of white hanging loosely out of the sides of the shoes.I gasped.The poor guy nearly had his feet skinned alive by the bicycle!

However,closer observations dispelled all positive thoughts i had about him.The chains seemed to be affixed to his JEANS,not his FLESH,and the white flaps sort had patches bearing the adid*s symbol.He was but a poseur trying to advertise the latest in cool fashion!It then dawned upon me who exactly controlled the fashion industry...



Lucas films dammit.Its Lucas films...ATST pants,Wookie costume...Whats next?

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