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<( ' ' )> Saturday, May 24, 2008
Alright,I'm sure we all know about the plight of our dear brothers and sisters in China and Myanmar,unless of course,you have been living under a rock,or are simply too cool to understand the newspapers.

In response to the reluctance of the Myanmar Junta(Its pronounced Hoon-Tah btw) to allow foreign aid to enter the hard hit iwadari delta,the international comunity has come up with numerous solutions to counter these bastards,namely sanctions,military force or other 'soft approach' methods.These,are not only uncool,they do not work.For the simple reason that...Dauism exists.

Below are some more effective methods we hope the International community will take into consideration.

Slice the whole of the Iwadari delta off with a giant er.. giant er... giant... thingy you use to cut countries up.If it does not belong to Myanmar,the government has no say who goes in or out does it?Then aid groups can send their stuff.

The art of distraction may seem rather cliche,but it might work,if one employs some Indi...I meant dark skinned people to deliver aid in the cover of the night.Please note that I am not racist,and a perfect lapdog of the Singapore government.These views are made for the purpose of achieving humanitarian goals,and over sensitive racial groups should NOT make noise,simply because... I am cool.
This reamains to be my favourite,and most effective method of softening up the Junta without massive costs.Five words and the necessary food supplies will do the trick.
To the Myanmese Junta:
We have freshly baked cookies.
The world

Sigh,if there were more cool people like me in the government,the world will be such a beautiful place,no?

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