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Peanut here yoz!!!! I'm here to share with you guys a very special core value, which is global mindedness. If you have noticed, global mindedness is not a proper english word; you can't even find it in the dictionary. It's a term which many leaders use to encourage their [people] to be more open to different perspectives, and have the humility to learn. This term has hence been adopted by many big CEOs of big companies, politicians, and even principals of various schools. Purpose may differ, but the principle remains the same. In the case of [school], we believe that having a global mind is essential in not only our school days, but in our later adulthood too. I have thus created a video to showcase to you guys to help you understand more about global mindedness. While waiting for the video to buffer, please read the following stories to keep yourself entertained.

Exciting story No.1

Did you know that there is a statue of Lee **** *** somewhere in school? Well it's a figure of greatness, and it's meant to inspire unwilling students to study. Anyway here's my tale... There were rumours about the statue, how it moves at night, and how it turns people into stone like Med*sa. So me and my homies decided to check it out. One day, in the campus of [school], we set up the camp at the foot of the Lee **** *** statue. Then something unthinkable happened. We fell asleep.

Exciting story No.2

I used to live in this very old house, because we were poor until you could laugh till you died. Anyway, there was this makeshift window, which was made up of a couple of planks nailed to a hinge connected to the window. During stormy weather, the planks will pivot around the hinges and bang against the boards of my house. I was always scared of it, even though I knew it was just the wind. But one day, as I lay awake listening to the pounding planks, I noticed something very perculiar. The planks were whacking harder and faster than usual, building up the tempo. It was as if... as if... Initially i was scared. The planks wouldn't do that. But I plucked up the courage to see what was making it happen. Then I realized something.... the wind was blowing harder than usual.

Exciting story No.3

There's this strange stairway in my house. On the fourth step of the stairs, it would give this strange creaking, as if it was moaning like a real human being. But it would only do that if someone put the pressure of their foot on it. One day, when my whole family was having dinner, we heard the strange moaning noise, when there wasn't anybody there to make the creaking. It was just then.... that my mum said.... "It's time to repair the stairs you know..."


url: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGLgACbZ5fk

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