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<( ' ' )> Sunday, April 20, 2008
A series of IQ tests,scientifically proven to raise your IQ from 20 to -300 Now,THAT is a huge increase. Rules: Hidden message in picture,decode it.Answers can be found by mousing your cursor over the pic.

EDIT:Since people claimed they couldnt see the pictures,answers are at the bottom of each picture.

Jack(Getting smashed in the balls) + Fruit(apple) = Jackfruit
Jackfruut pics...Which one is better?leave a comment

Fish + Ball = Fishball. Dead giveaway

Ban(As in legally disallow) + Na Na (the words in the ban) =Banana

Muffler (Those things worn over the ears to well...Muff out sound?) + In = Muffin

The ultimate.If you can guess this,I take my hat off to you.
Yeah right,I don wear a hat.As if im going to do something that degrading to my ultra cool reputation.
PaPa (CL for father) + Ya (CL for duck) =PaPaYA

Awesome heh?Stay tuned for more.Feel the cogs in your brain turning?Oh wait,perhaps you cant.Dinunitive or non existent cogs dont really make you feel anything.

CherryDonut @ 10:03 PM
domo 10:03 PM

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