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<( ' ' )> Friday, April 4, 2008
Yo Yo Yo!! Peanut's in da house!!! Continued from last time. I shared with you four different ways that you can zhng your ELECTRIC car: Pipe, Turbocharge Sound, Umzheh Umzheh Machine, and Hairwax holder. Today, I'll go through four more ways that you can zhng your electric car.


As you all know right, all zhng cars have lights so that you can see from lights from Singapore to JB. This is called "fierce". F - I - E - R - C - E. Anyway, how to make your car look fierce with lights ar? No not the neon lights ar. That one too expensive, and not fierce enough. So must go to zhng car shop, and buy the CTDL, aka Christmas Tree Decoration Lights. Oh and don't forget to put patterns to the CTDL. Flashing flashing fierce ar! If can fine tune the timing of the flashes to the Sabai~ Sabai~ from the PSP speakers, then even more fierce. Like: SA (turn on), BAI (turn off), SA (turn on), BAI (turn off). Ah see? Fierce ar! Then come the solo SABAI part, must make the CTLD flicker. Then fierce.


To look fierce. CTDL not good enough. Must have sticker! Alot of people nowadays like to paste sticker on the side of the car. So we will likewise do the same. Of course you can't paste any sticker, you must paste COOL stickers. Yes I know what you guys are thinking... BARNEY! Super hiong ar. People see already scared. Ah, later on the roads/carpark, other zhng car dudes will say "Wah eh homie! Barney leh! Barney! I so scare!!" There? So fierce.


CTDL and Barney not material enough to look fierce, so must install wings at the backside. Actually the wing got no purpose. It doesn't make your car go faster... It only there to look fierce. So what kind of wings then can look fierce? Aiya it's so obvious... Go to the zhng car shop, and order FPTPCATBOCUMT, aka File Plus Two Paper Cups Attached To Backside Of Car Using Masking Tape. Ah, you see? Actually FPTPCATBOCUMT does make your car go faster. Cos the file is shaped aerodymanically from the boring wings. Then can compress the air into the backside. Then "Whoosh!!!!" You go faster!


Side skirts also quite important. Why ar? Cos can look fierce (duh). You see all the people sideskirt design very nice. They're car hiong right? Ahh~ But when cool things get too common, it doesn't become cool anymore. So the zhng car people very smart. They come up with special fireworks effect on the side-skirts. How to make your side-skirts have fireworks? Must put so low that when you drive the side-skirt drag on the ground! Not only got fireworks, also got sound leh! Sound hiong! Like your PSP speakers blasting, then also got screeching sound. Sa~ (SCREECH) Bai~ (SCREECH). Plus fireworks!

End result? The perfect super sound-fast look-fast ultimate zhnged electric car! It'll probably look something like this:

So are you prepared for the ultimate make over!!!!!!!!???!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??! YES!!!!!!!!!!!! Time to be soon-to-be cool dudes!!!


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