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<( ' ' )> Friday, April 25, 2008
Hello! I'm Peanut! Long time no see huh? As you guys know, cool people do not make the same sounds as normal people do. They say things like "Eee!" and "Hyo!" Just kidding. They're not that smart to say things like that. Anyway, here's my amazing lesson on how to make "Strange Sounds made by Cool Dudes, By cool Dudes"

1: The laugh

The laugh is probably one of the most important sound which a cool dude could make. Other things which are also important to note is when to laugh, where to laugh, and what you laugh at. Ok what to laugh at? There are too many things that you may laugh at to be listed down, but i no what you shouldn't laugh at. 1. Intellectual Jokes 2. Jokes made by Waffle 3. Jokes made by Peanut 4. Jokes made by Kayapickles 5. Jokes that are funny in any conceivable way. In other words, as a hard and fast rule, DO NOT LAUGH AT ALL FUNNY JOKES. Good Examples of not funny jokes are: A duster falling off the whiteboard, and throwing paper balls at somebody's head. Resist the temptation, and you may be on your way to a laughing cool dude already. Next step to teach you how to laugh. Laughs are mostly identical, whatever the lame situation. Two short laughs, no hold notes, and it must be loud enough for your cool homies to listen. like "HAHA." Note the full stop. Step 3: When to laugh? Laughs are usually made spontaneously after the "joke" has been made. Step 4: Where to laugh? In front of your teachers, and fellow cool dudes. DO NOT laugh in toilets, in front of females, or watercoolers.

2. The protest

Only protest the cool dude way. When to protest? When you think that your pathetic whims and fancys are not met by whoever the uncool dude/dudess may be. Then it's time to PROTEST. How to protest? KNNCCB? FYMCB? GPYDIAMOABIYFT? URAFFFFFFWOTFOTFFFFFE? NO! That's what uncool dudes say. The "in" thing is... ZHAR ZHAR ZHAR (Zhng His Ass Right?)! Or WORAH WORAH WORAH (Without Original Ram AH)! As you have noticed this section is much shorter than the tutorial on how to laugh. Basically because the need for you to protest is nearly zero. Why? Because cool dudes do not have the mental capacity to decide whether their whims and fancys are not met by whoever the uncool dude/dudess maybe. So just try your best.

I've bet you guys noticed that there's only two sounds which cool dudes make. But cool dudes aren't very creative people. So from my overly long exposure to cool dudes, I have only gathered two sounds which they make. Which they only make. (Although the second thingie isn't very common.) So good luck to you guys who want to sound like cool dudes. So start ZHAR-ing NOW! PEace out man \/.

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