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<( ' ' )> Sunday, April 13, 2008
I admit,we have mad a slight mistake.Super loose pants are NOT the latest in cool fashion.Therefore,i bring to you today ladies and gentlemen,

(Pls note that skinnies are NOT effiminate,despite the fact that 90% of skinny models are female,and skinnies used to fall under the female clothing section at fashion stores)

Origin of skinnies: Matts?No,absolutely not,Skinnies came from Star Wars,no matter what other people say.Please observe the two highly scientific diagrams below for yourself

ATST Walker
Dude wearing skinnies
See the similarities?Skinnies are for people who simply cant afford pants made out of adamantanium or whatever ATST legs are made of.Sorry,i aint all that good at Star Wars.
What can skinnies give you.Well,three things

Simply taper your school pants to look like skinnies,making sure they are above the ankle.The school pocket money fund will think you cant afford new pants and have been forced to wear some undersized ones you found in the dump,giving you money to buy new pants.

Wherever you go,people will fear you.Why?Because ATSTs have laser gun thingies at their waist,and they fear you might unleash torrents of vapourising blasts at them.Although personally,I do not fear skinnies.I simply think of a star wars scene involving pirate hooks,steel wire,a boomerang,and an ATST crashing to the ground.

Wearing skinnies suffocates your testicles aka balls.Now,this kills sperms and sex hormones,and is a perfect way to abstain from premartial sex.No matter that martial sex might be a problem in the future,going to such extents to stay pure,is amazingly respectable,even I dont dare do it.(still wearing Slacker18s.Regular cut)

For the grand finale,a poster of the official game for the use of skinnies,which are cool to the core.
This is waffle,signing off

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domo 7:34 AM

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