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<( ' ' )> Saturday, April 5, 2008
Alright all you people out there who want to have a cool and happening blog, but simply cant dish out articles as great as ours, i promised some cool photo poses, well, here they are.

Pose number 1:The D-S.

NO prizes for guessing where this was ripped off from.Why DS and not DX?Well,besides infringing copyright laws,its better to do a DS.After all,s is the letter for cool.Cool starts with the letter S.Spelling error?No...Cool people dont have brains.Their skulls are too cool to support any form of neuronic activity.Therefore,cool starts with the letter S.

Coolness factor 8/10 Do it with a straitjacket on, 9/10
(Didnt give it full marks because HBK is a meanie.He ended Ric Flairs career!!!WAHHHHHH!!!SORRY NO USE!!.Just a small tribute.WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~Whatever...)

Pose number 2:The M*s Selamat

Why the star?Well, after all, m*s selamat IS a star.And since hes part of an extremely prodigious cool dude agency,we dont want to use his name without getting the proper legal consent do we?
Paint your face brown,(Malays can save the trouble.Good for you guys),then stare at the camera full view.You gotta look fierce.Although i think m*s selamat looks more like a teddy bear than a terrorist in those posters.Why M*s selamat?Alright since most cool dudes spend their time "lepaking" around with no jobs,they dont have money,so they turn to crime instead.M*s selamat is an example of how cool dudes can look even cooler by having their pictures pasted all over the place.

Coolness factor 9/10 (forgot the blue backdrop)

Pose number 3:The jumping jugular
Alliteration,i know,im good.Alright,basically,you slice off your head down the jugular with a hydraulic powered piston attached to a blade made of pure sodium.It looks real cool.But..But...People cant see my super hamsome face?!?!?Oh?That means youre not cool enough!You dont NEED a face to be cool.Remember that.If you want to test your coolness level,just do as i say and see if your picture looks cool.Trust me,you will feel a lot greater once you do it.
Coolness factor 10/10
Looks like a maple leaf huh?Oh well,thats my great artistic power!Speaking of maple,i can log on to my own server!Instant level 200...Instant message me if you want to try logging on.Lots of unscripted areas though.Dont expect odin or local standards.
Alright,thats it.Go ahead you fellow bloggers,snap some pictures!Tag this page for all your cool friends if you want!This is Waffle,signing off for today.

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